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  1. linux seems much simpler, on OpenBSD there is a complicated installation procedure, Ithis is my first contact with linux and openBSD.
  2. So I should put amd64 version because laptop have 4GB ram?
  3. Where could it be more? It is turned off in Control panel - power and options...
  4. BUt I wrote that sleep mode is turned off...
  5. I have set monitor to turn of after 15mn of inactivity, no sleep mode is active. Yesterday my computer was inactive for 6 hours and when I moved mouse and pressed keyboard nothing happens, monitor didnt wanted to turn on, I needed to restart it. This function worked before but yesterday was the first time with this long inactivity. Some ryzen bug or what?
  6. I need some lightweight Linux recommendation for some old laptop (Intel centrino dual core , 4Gb ram). Purpose of laptop is surfing, watching youtube videos and writing.
  7. One more question. I know that these software reading can be inacurrate but is it normal that in gaming and OCCT stress test PSU voltages vary (in gaming from 12.144 to 12.081 - more often - no cutscene just game, OCCT 12.302 to 12.250 - not so often)?
  8. Are this good voltages in idle for Evga G2 850W? Shouldn`t voltages be tighter, especially that on 12V, more closley to 12V?
  9. I forgot to say because of Roccat Tyon problems I don`t trust Roccat anyone, so no mouse from Roccat. I think that Tyon joystik features in device manager was causing problems for me. If I get Roccat again, I will sell it. Also I forgot to add to the list list Asus gladius and Speedlink OMNIV.
  10. I have problem with Roccat Tyon (it was causeing stuttering in every game and fps drop), I will send him to warranty service and if I am lucky maybe they will allow me to replace it with some other mouse brand. Which mouse of these have similiar ergonomics like Roccat Tyon (fit great in my hand): Sharkoon FireGlider CM Alcor Logitech G300s Logitech G502 (I think that store don`t have it) Also mouse must be durable and have good build quality.
  11. That would be very stupid from Asrock, every b350 board can support 3200mhz
  12. 1. Does anyone here have X370 K4? I read on Asrock forum that there is a high chance that this motherboard won`t support 3200mhz, is that true? They already announced x370 gaming X (they said becaus k4 is EOL) which is the same as K4, it doesn`t have USB 3.1 but it have 3200mhz memory support. 2. Is this good temp for VRM: AIDA64 stress test, duration 1 hour, everything stressed except hard disks R5 1600 CPU 1.136V, 3391mhz cpu - 57C, VRM - 71C, room temperature 25C 3. How much bigger load is in AIDA64 than in gaming? 4. What is the max temp f
  13. I have similar problem. Did anyone found solution for this?
  14. Temp are fine, clock varies from the beggining of game when temps are stil around 50c.
  15. Is it normal for this game to have gpu jumping core clock? My msi rx 480 core clock varies from 1250 tp 1303.
  16. How much faster? Big difference?
  17. I have Sony Z1. On my computer I have USB 3.0, USB 3.1 (type A + C). Will any of these ports charge faster my phone than USB 2.0?
  18. Solved it by this: https://www.tenforums.com/antivirus-firewalls-system-security/11227-how-can-i-disable-turn-windows-security-center-service-warning.html Steps to turn off security center manually: 1. Stop Security Center service and set it to "disabled" 1.1 Click on Start Button 1.2 Type "services.msc" 1.3 Right Click on "services.msc" and "run as administrator" 1.4 Right Click on "Security Center"-service and click on "Properties" 1.5 Stop the Service and choos as start type "Disabled" 1.6 Click "Okay" and close the services window 2. Go to "C:\W
  19. Also tryed taht . Nothing, same situation
  20. Tryed that, not working, still shows up
  21. I turned off notification in security center but at every startup I get this message: I tryed couple of solution but none worked. Anyone know how to remove this?
  22. Is there any extension for Thunderbird that when I press X minimizes Thunderbird in taskbar? I found one but it only works on win7.