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  1. So everything is ok with my Ryzen? Can I run any more test just to be sure? Cinebench or something?
  2. I will try memory with new bios. When I google Morrowind - Mafia 2 - Windows 10 there is a lot links about problems with that combination. Some in Mafia 2 report also fps drops (with i7 and 980ti) si I am pretty sure that Win10 is the problem. If something would be wrong than I woulg get a constant stutter in newr titles. I will wait for new bios and new gpu, than I am going to to better testing and overclocking. Thank you for answers, regards
  3. I tryed some setting in mafia 2. Even with medium settings on 1024*768 resolution I get fps drops. Is this game problem or what?
  4. Thank you all for answers. I found this picture on evga site: https://www.evga.com/support/faq/afmviewfaq.aspx?faqid=59497 So this means that in eco mode fan will activate on 40C or 55C? OT: What is the temperature of PSU in load? I still haven`t got the answer on question will my fan be turned on with this components. My pc power consumption is probably below 200w so I was wondering will that activate fan?
  5. Should I turn eco mode ON on my EVGA g2 850W? Will the fan ever turn on with this components: CPU: R5 1600 GPU: ati 7770 (upgrade soon) 16gb ram Fan reacts to heat or load?
  6. I noticed now couple of stuttering in mafia 2, game was capped to 60fps, stuttering happens when fps for a second fall to 57fps. Is this normal score for this cpu? R 1600 stock - 3.4ghz, cpuz version 1x79 x64
  7. No errors in Ram. Also yesterday I tested it in Mafia 2 (50mn - no stuttering) and Xcom enemy within (30mn - no stuttering). Forgot to say that every stutter in those old games include a small fps fall, at least I think, if it matters.
  8. Nice looking board but if it is EOL that probably means no support for Zen2. I have bios 2.5 with agesa, still havent put the latest bios, that new bios came out yesterday, nobody with that bios haven`t got stable 3200mhz, even 2933 is a hard to get with latest bios. When some more update came I will install it when it is all optimized.
  9. Asrock x370 K4, board officialy has only 2933 support, it is a rumor that it became EOL
  10. OK, I will leave it on night, so open 16 times memtest, put every of that to the value of 850 and press start testing 16 times My board is still no good enough to catch 3200mhz, it has big problems with that, still waiting for the future bios.
  11. My RAM is: Crosair 2x8gb - 3200mhz, running currently on 2133mhz I need to open memtest 16 times, one for each GB of ram? Can you please explain this to me, in short?
  12. Where can I see the RAM setup, timmings and other? Long story short, I must download HCI Memtest for Windows and run to get 1000% coverage?
  13. Haven`t tried that games with my previous card, VRAM is not a problem here.
  14. I don`t think so, than Bioshock Infinite and Metro LL would stutter. I forgot to say that Morrowind and Jade empire I run in compatibillity mode (XP or win7, can`t remember), for Operation flashpoint don`t remember. I think this is the main problem of Win10. I just want to know is my Ryzen build working correctly...
  15. I have x370 k4 and R5 1600 on Win10, Ryzen balanced power plan. I sold my gpu to miners and now I am using ATI 7770 until rx 580 becomes available. I decided to try some older games but it them I expirianced micro (0,5s stuttering): I tryed: Morrowind - very often microstuttering Operation flashpoint: red river - microstuttering Jade empire - Has slighty microstuttering Metal gear rising - have stuttering but only in action intension scenes Also stutter include fps fall. Also I try some more demanding: Bioshock Infinite - no stutteri
  16. I forgot to say taht I think that my HDD has little vibrations, would low noise setting make a big impact on perfomance?
  17. I have one storage disk that is near 30000 working hours. Would it be better to put AAM to low noise settings, will that prolonge HDD life?
  18. Ok, thanks. I was a little worrid because my 3.5mm cable for speakers is goind over PSU cable and monitor power cable. Nothing to worry
  19. Today when I was going to update my Realtek driver (I have default from Asrock page) on x370 K4. I downloaded new one from tenforums, file was in .cab file. I tryed in device manager -> update driver but it told me that newer version was already installed(?). Than I extract cab file and after that device manager updated it normally. Problem is every time I start the windows I get the message to run or cancel realtek audio manager. How to fix this?
  20. Stupid question. I bought Logitech Z333 2.1 speakers, I was thinking tightening cables (left and right speaker and volume controller, power cable will go alone) together for the better cable managment. Will that create interference in speakers?
  21. I plug my wireless gamepad stick in the back of my motherboard. Every time I turn on computer wifi stick is still turned off. If I restart him or unplug him, wifi stick comes on. How to set that he is on from the beginning?
  22. So what is the conclusion? Windows, Linux or OpenBSD? I already installed Xubuntu (no antivirus, I will install some security extensions in browser), shall I leave it or to reinstall something else?
  23. So I don`t need antivirus for OpenBSD. Basically I read that people tells that is almost impossible to caught virus on Linux. I just need some simple OS (good protection against viruses, Office) for some old person that is going to surf and sometimes wrote something in Libre office. In past 6 months she was using Windows and 2 caught some nasty viruses, last time OS crashed down.
  24. I will try Does OpenBSD have good protection against viruses like Linux?