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  1. I saw this on reddit. Will a regular user ever encounter that error or it is only on linux?
  2. One guy told that he put these settings to Off because it was conflicting with freesync, he saw tearing on other settings. So I will put it to off, do I lose something important?
  3. I have monitor LG 27MP68HM and in monitor OSD there is a response time option. I can choose from: - Off - Low - Middle - High What does this option do? Is it connected to response time of the monitor (5ms)? What is the best universal option?
  4. i don`t think you understand me. When in eco mode fan never turn up with my PC because low consumption. Fan clicks (not loud) when eco mode is off and fan is always turned on...
  5. I have some problem with my Evga G2 850W. When eco mode is off and fan is always on I can hear some click (couple of times on day). Not a loud click, very low, I can hear it because I have very silent configuration. When I turn eco mode click sound disappear. Probably a fan problem. Now I have R5 1600 (stock - 3.4ghz) and Ati 7770 but soon I will buy RX 580. When in eco mode with my current config (CPU 65W + GPU ~90W) fan didn`t turn on not a single time because I didn`t find any dust on dust filter (room temperature was 33C, when in eco mode fan will turn on over 55C). When I buy rx 580 (powe
  6. No, it is PC. I have connected mouse, keyboard and wifi stick. Also I have installed driver for my wifi gamepad but his wifi stick is only connected when I play some game...
  7. In windows 10 in device manager I have 2 HID mouse. When I unplug my mouse one HID mouse remain. Is this normal?
  8. ringo


    Can someone confirm who know ip adress is that on the picture ip of a porn site?
  9. ringo


    I am thinking to buy this mouse but on Amazon I saw this review. Is this true, software is connecting to porn site?
  10. Problem is solved if I select windows default codec but in that mode player can`t read subtitle, option is grayed out.
  11. X370 K4 has probably becomes EOL, it has problems with memory support. Also BIOS update for Zen2 is questionable.
  12. I think I install codec with video player but not sure. Can codec be changed in video player settings or only windwos reinstall can solve this (I will not reinstall windwos because of this - small estetic problem)?
  13. I don`t know is this a windows 10 problem or not, but I will post here. On Win10 when I open video files I always got a small mouse stutter (0.5s stutter). I tryed with Poplayer and now I am using MPC, same situation. It a estetic problem but I would like to get rid of it. Any ideas?
  14. I think I will wait for a new gpu to continiue the testing. I don`t like to mess with that code. Thanky anyway
  15. Game mode is disabled. For the last test can you verfiy me that it this stress test everything is ok? http://imgur.com/a/SKzUA I don`t know why HWinfo is reporting that cores are on 3,692mhz max? R5 1600 is on stock.
  16. With turning on/off I managed to get into Itunes recovery mode, I have two option, Restore and Update, I tryed both and every time after process is done (15mn) I am restored to desktop with the same message that Ipad is blocked. How to solve this?
  17. Somehow I managed to get a cable but when I want it to connect to Itunes so that I can start hard reset I got this message: How to solve this?
  18. I tryed that with Morrowind but no difference. Also I installed OpenNW mode for morrowind (optimization for modern pc) but I get stutter even with that mod, slightly less stutter than original Morrowind. I guess it is because Win10. Any recommendation for older games so I can verify that I don`t have stutter, that is Windows related problem?
  19. One more question. Is Ipad cable compatible with Iphone 4s cable? I think one of my friend have 4s..
  20. No sorry, Thank you for answers I will than wait for a cable.
  21. This is the same as method I tryed before same result Cable needed?
  22. On the back of Ipad it is written A1599
  23. Yes to do a hard reset. I tryed this on your link: To perform a hard reset: Hold down the home and on/off buttons at the same time Continue holding the buttons even after the slider appears on the screen. The screen will eventually go black When the Apple logo appears, let go of the buttons and let the iPad start up like normal. I let go buttons after Apple logo and when system boot again I was welcomed with a message that ipad is blocked - connect to itunes
  24. Ipad is not asking password, I can`t do anything on screen. She doesn`t have important data, I can wipe all. So cable required or not?
  25. One of my friend asked me to unblock her Ipad. On ipad screen there is mesage that it is blocked and that I need to connect it to itunes. How to unblock this? On some video I saw that cable is necessary for unblocking, is that true? Friend forgot to leave cable, she lives far so I will get cable only for 4-5 days. Ipad model is A1599.