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  1. CPU usage drops in IBT AVX 2.54 (I monitored in OCCT, test was in IBT AVX) after some 10mn (first time it dropped from 100% to 60%, after 1s it is back to 100%), than I stopped and restarted test. After 10mn again it dropped but this time form 100% to 90%. Is this normal for IBT AVX test?
  2. Some users says that crashing in Ashes of singularity can be connected to this problem: "Both my machines have the Linux SEGV issue (R7-1700X, R7-1700) additionally - both machines can't run the Ashes of the Singulariy Escalation built-in Benchmark in either DX12 or VULKAN mode without crashing to the desktop. Disabling SMT seems to make the benchmark work but I believe the two are related (Linux SegV / AOTS crashing) - note, nothing overclocked on the system, just BIOS defaults. I should have the R7-1700X back from AMD this upcoming week, and hopefully the R7-1700 a few days
  3. Has anyone have expiriance with this mouse? http://genesis-zone.com/en/product/gx58-optical-gaming-mouse/ I bought logitech g300s but I returned it because mouse pointer was jittering all over the place on my Roccat taito control mousepad. When I use 300s on the desk, pointer seems stable. This GX58 has AVAGO 3050L sensor. Is that sensor any good?
  4. I have Logitech 300s and Rocca Taito control mouse pad. When I use that mouse on that mouse pad mouse pointer seems to jitter. I tryed some other mouse pad same situation. But when I use mouse on table, mouse pointer seems stable. It is a little weird that it jitter on premium mouse pad. I don`t like using it on table because it will worn mouse feet quickly at least I think. Any advice?
  5. Seems like that is normal on all 300s, at least I think. here is the officialy picture: https://mediapool.getthespec.com/media.jpg?m=NSCm12SuqnnEmJ2ElN6xvw%3D%3D&v=HR So what happen if my sweat goes down into that mouse hole? This summer in my room tempereature was 34C
  6. I bought this mouse but plastic in not centered right, there is a 1-1,5mm gap on both sides. Is that normal? I am worried in these summer times if I use mouse with sweaty hands can my sweat make short circuit? Also should i turn in option in Windows 10 enhance pointer precision?
  7. I now saw this on reddit: "Former AMD employee and CPU engineer here. I would be concerned under Windows. The CPU doesn't know it's running Linux, doesn't know it's running gcc. Any software with the wrong stream of instructions (or data? or pattern of jumps? or pattern of faults? etc) could potentially trigger this issue. Without some clarification from AMD on the issue, I would assume it's rare but also possible to provoke on any OS given the right load. It might be impossible to fix in software or firmware. This is a serious bug. To compare against some classics: the Pentium F00
  8. Is it normal for OCCT that after some 13mn CPU usage drops and than after 1-2 minute of idle CPU raises to 100%?
  9. ringo

    Partition missing?

    Why not, one partition for windwos other for backup/storeage. So no nothing like some windows trick in this situation, only that program?
  10. My friend on his PC (win7) has one HDD (C - Windwos, D - storage). He told me that one morning when he turned on PC he couldn`t find his D partiotion. In Disk management his partition is listed as free space. System restore is turned off. Is there a way to fix this, to save his files?
  11. I am fine with cable being permanent, I just want that it has removable swtiches because on my last two mouse after some time left click became double click. I forgot to write that it would be good that it has red color/led...
  12. I bought Asus Gladius but it doesn`t fit my hand very well. I will probably return it but I was wondering is there any more mouse with with removable switches like Gladius?
  13. Yes I have XMP profile, I am using it....
  14. If I put 2666+mhz bios automaticly switches to 2T. I know that in CPU-Z program I can see my curret timmings but where can I see factory default timmings so that I can compare them with my current? That I will know that everything is OK. What about BGS and GDM?
  15. Price for that will probably be big. Any news on budget Freesync 2 monitors?
  16. I have x370 k4 and corsair 3200mhz ram. I am currently on Bios 3.1 and memory is on 2400mhz. - How do I see is my timings set correctly? Where can I find timings which I will manually enter in bios for specific frequencies (2133, 2400, 2666, 2933, 3200mhz)? - I read that AMD recommends to turn off BGS and GDM? 1T or 2T?
  17. IN ryzen balanced plan on default there is an option to put HDD ti sleep after 20 minutes. Is it healty to leave that or to put that HDD never goes to sleep? I acess my storage disk 6-7 times a day so that is a 6-7 times that this must go to sleep and wake up...
  18. I have dual boot: windows and Linux. I usually use my PC for gaming, movies, music and audio and video editing. That error in Linux is only in compilation, that means programing?