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  1. asus b350m tuf is going to be released in october? any news on x370 tuf, will it be soon released?
  2. look also for Corsair 600q and 600C. They have inverse design
  3. I don`t know is that Corsair C- version have sound isolation, check it somewhere. If you want ultimate case (silent - good airflow) you can always buy Bequiet 900 pro (true beast). Define r5 or thermaltake f31 have version with windows. On the other had if you want superb airflow - good water support - not so silent - look for some cases of Phanteks. My advice, if silent is not ultimate important to you you should buy a case that has good filters. When I bought mine case I was very excited, I admired my case every day but in the end it all
  4. Look between these: - Be quiet silent base 600 (800) - quiter than define r5 but has bad support for water cooling - Define R5 - doesn`t have upper filter. I have it - in some cases HDD will cause vibrations - Define R4 - Corsair Carbide Quiet 400Q - no 5.25 drives - Thermaltake f31 - very good copy of define r5 For really silent case you need silent PSU, silent fans and HDD out of the case. This depends of how silent do you want.
  5. what fans do you have in your case? what case do you have?
  6. My new r5 1600 on stock is reporting 3.4ghz (boost is 1-2 core on 3.7ghz). Shouldn`t stock be on 3.2ghz?
  7. I uploaded a picture. Dust comes in through these two places, stupid from Fractal that they didn`t put some filter there. Thanks but that all that filters are for individual fan - square form, I need something that I can cut, some large net with small holes. I tried searching but like I said I only found mosquito net with large holes.
  8. I am not good at english so I need help to find good long dust filters on ebay/amazon. The longest that I come to findings are mosquito net but they have large holes. What word to enter to find the good one? I will use it in Define R5 on the front left and right side so it must be long and have small holes.
  9. Taichi is expensive. Taichi seems stable but I don`t like reports from some people that they hear some electrical noise from mbo (that seems like poor isolation or something)
  10. I have X370 k4 also that why I am asking this. I am going to change probably to x370 strix because low memory support of k4. Problem is that Strix also doesn`t have good memory support right now, I am waiting agesa to see will things improve. Do you know maybe will any other boards will come this year? Asus will release b350 TUF in a month, no sign of any other board releases or x370 tuf. One reason that I like asrock x370 k4 is stabillity, not a single problem except memory from the beggining. On the other hand Asus strix is probably same as Asus prime which still have pro
  11. I know for VRM. I am just worry for PCB. Some reviews stated that Asus x370 prime (probably the same as Asus strix) pcb requries delicate touch As I noob of PCB I imagine that more thick pcb more isolation - protection
  12. For Asus x370F strix I read many similar comments like this one : "The board it self is pretty thin. (probably to keep cost down)" Can this be a problem on long range? Affect board durabillity? On the other side Asrock wrote this for their x370 k4 board: "High Density Glass Fabric PCB design that reduces the gaps between the PCB layers to protect the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by humidity." So thin PCB, danger of electrical shorts?
  13. Yes, I heard before that curved is cool for short distance (surfing, gaming). What about movies, I usually watch them from 2-2.5m away, will curved display have any problem for that range (viewing angles, feeling,...)?
  14. So RMA is not valid for this type of problem, this is considered normal?
  15. If my speakers don`t produce sound for a couple of hours and when I move volume control there is a crackling sound that last for around 10s (crackling sound is there only when I move it). Is this normal for this budget level speakers or should I send it to RMA?
  16. I have LG 27MP68HM (IPS panel) for 9 months. Before that I had Benq 2470h (VA panel) which was good. I prefer VA and now I have opportunity to switch my LG to Samsung LC27F390FHUX (VA panel). I cannot see monitor before replacement because it is in another city. Does someone here have this samsung monitor? Is it good? I cannot found information about his freesync range...
  17. what about Avago 5050 sensor? is it much better than logitech 300s sensor?
  18. When I didn`t put screws in those holes on HDD cage vibration could be stopped by putting finger on the case. Now that doesn`t work. Maybe side panel is receving vibrations for HDD cage? For me it is so stupid that I must have this problem in such heavy and expensive case. Looking forward to those pictures not urgent Any chance that I get that pictures soon?
  19. You mean those round rubber that touches HDD, that are on default there? They are on every HDD. When you have time could you take a picture of that what you did and post it here? It is not urgent to me First I was thinking to put tape on bottom dust filter to eliminate by any chance that possibility, than I would put tape on HDD cage on part where it touches with HDD slot
  20. My define r5 was vibrating so I put screws in those hole on HDD cages. I remove upper cage, only bottom cage (2 hdd, 1 sdd - screws for stoping vibration only in HDD ) is there. Vibration is now smaller but it didn`t completely disappear. It is not noticible when I am using SSD (In option it is set that my HDD turn off after 20mn), but when I watch some movie from HDD I can hear vibration sound. I know that there were many problem with this case vibration, what else could I do to stop it?
  21. When testing latency in LatencyMon do I need to test it in games or just in desktop? Everything was fine when I surfing, listening to music but when I entered game I got this:
  22. Is latency important for game smoothness? One guy on other forum wrote this: "Your memory is doing better than mine in everything except latency. When I first tested it in Passmark the latency was 75, and the last time it tested at 65. My system is way snappier now and the mouse is faster and more precise in games." So high latency can affect games?
  23. Has anyone able to achive on Ryzen full speed with this memory? In Aida64 in benchmark with this memory at 2400mhz I have big latency (93 ns)....