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  1. The NZXT one looks more visually appealing.
  2. If you have a Skylake CPU then there is no use in getting a Z270 chipset mobo. Z270 is for utilizing all the features of Kabylake CPUs.
  3. Most probably no but sometimes you may need to upgrade to Windows 10 or latest windows version. Well that's what intel did with Kabylake but AMD is less likely to do that.
  4. Yeah, I saw Kyle's video about it. LTT should consider that and maybe implement it.
  5. So will this do for Asus Maximus IX Hero mobo with 7700K and gtx 1050 or 1060 ?
  6. I haven't seen anyone using corsair vs series PSUs for their builds nor many recommend it. I see that they are cheaper but has 3years of corsair warranty. I just ordered a VS650W for my new kabylake build so any advises ?
  7. NZXT AER RGB vs Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB fans, which is better in terms of cooling, I wanna use them as case fans.
  8. Good paid certificated are more valued.
  9. You can get a free SSL like in this LTT forum from CloudFlare (guide ) or you can use a Let'sEncrypt SSL. To use CloudFlare's SSL you must use their CDN which is a really great option.BTW It's free.
  10. STRIX and ROG are Enthusiast grade motherboards and STRIX is for Enthusiastic Gaming.
  11. Wait! That's what ill say cus Intel is launching new i5 and i7 models namely 7640k and 7740k. It's better to wait and make your decision after this.
  12. Why shouldn't it be good? It's good because it's STRIX and it's by ASUS. But it will be more than what you need.
  13. Yee you will need to get a new motherboard with AM4 socket and since RYZEN is gonna be a big thing most motherboard manufacturers will come up with their new mobos for it. STRIX and ROG is more likely.
  14. Intel has already made plans to tackle RYZEN launch. I think Intel has found some new things , not sure what it is.But they are working on new i5 and i7 Kabylake model namely i5-7640K and i7-7740K, with that the company is confident. I doubt the future of Intel as they are sort of teaming up with Microsoft!