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  1. Hello my previous update made my laptop go into automatic repair loop, and now I’m trying to install windows 10 and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Plz help thank you 58157577508__6BA48F6A-C075-4BFF-964C-E5B2BE7D7675.MOV
  2. Hello I am trying to install a new windows 10 (using a flash drive) on a laptop that had a automatic repair loop that can’t be fixed( tried every fix option but nothing works) I am on the installation page and I don’t what option I should choose. Btw I new to this thank.
  3. @starcoaster when i download it do i just drag it into the usb file?
  4. Hello everyone, this is problem occurred 2 weeks ago, when I updated windows or something and now it keeps bring me to this screen( picture below). I’ve believed I tried everything, except ‘use a device, uefi firmware settings, system image recovery and’ see more recovery options’ plz help.
  5. Is there any pc cases that has a minimal look to it and a bit elongated look to it like the lianli pc-o12?
  6. Not long ago my microphone has not been working in CS:GO. When I go to the Audio options in-game everything is configured to the right microphone, and when I use the TEST MICROPHONE option it works. My voice can be heard when I use Windows Record or Skype, but not while in a match in CS:GO. I also checked the Windows Recording Devices Settings and made sure that it was set to the right device, made sure that it was set to the default, and that it was enabled. It was not doing this ever since I got the headset. Another thing I did was make sure the drivers were up to date. headset:E-blue c
  7. no it does not but i also tested it on my ipad and it can pick up audio fine my mic isn't turned of i can see the levels of it wen i talk what do u mean by bind the keys
  8. My new headset(E-Blue Professional gaming headset white) i got from yesterday is working fine i can hear it but when i try and talk on csgo it doesn't work,it doesnt show i was talking. The headset has to audio cables one for mic and one for sound.I tried push to talk on csgo but no luck and even went to into the steam settings and it can pick up my voice but not in csgo or team fortress, i think i might get a y splitter but idk, i also tested the mic in the windows settings and i was fine but again not working in csgo
  9. ive turned off web protection for malware bytes ive turned ipv4 and ipv6 to automatic again and the rest i havent done