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  1. So i think most people here know what goes on in the dark depths of the web, whether you trade there or you just peeked in through a tor browser, but this really is a peek into the horrible portion of the human condition. I'm for one very glad that people like these 'hacktivists' expose some of the crap that is down there. Even though i know the dark web has its legitimate uses, they are very rarely why people are using this anonymous service. So discuss!! Whats you're opinion?!
  2. Good point, haha. Kinda made that poll in a rush. Updated the poll (Though i know the results are now biased).
  3. Yeah it wasn't just the 30 celebrities that were affected these two are also responsible for over 300 others that had their private photos leaked!
  4. Well we all knew it was coming, they had to end up getting something after such a huge breach like that, two of the people involved in the CelebGate hack are in prison. Ryan Collins serving 18 months for violation of the Computer Fraud and Misuse Act and Edward Majercyzk sentenced to 9 months in Federal Prison. Edward also got a $5,700 fine for restitution repayments to one of the celebrities that had the iCloud breached. If they knew half of the stuff that goes on we would all be in trouble... Well suppose this serves a reminder that the stuff we