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  1. So i upgraded some stuff around my pc, namely vertical mounting the GPU with a cable mod kit, added some cable mod extension kits and my pc started crashing during gaming. Now i think that hasn't caused the issue, as i tried moving the gpu and cables while running games even stress tested the pc for over an hour using Aida 64 extreme without any issues, its only during gaming with maybe chrome or netflix running in the background. Basically the crash makes the screen go blank, i can still hear the audio for a few seconds to a minute but then that stops as well, the pc however stays on
  2. So i had a question regarding corsair k70 mk 2 rgb cherry mx Red, if its compitable with Msi mystic light ? Mystic light has support for K95 platinum and Strafe rgb, both from Corsair as listed on their website --> https://www.msi.com/Landing/mystic-light-rgb-gaming-pc/compatible-products So i was wondering if the K70 mk 2 is compitable as well ? If someone with a msi motherboard and a K70 mk2 can test it out for me on mystic light that would be awesome. I looked up some msi and corsair forums and there are people with issues where mystic light is hijacking their p
  3. Ran crystal disk, those look kinda decent
  4. Its hovering in 50s shooting up to the 130s then going back down (MB/s)
  5. So i built a pc about an year ago, worked fine since, but now m experiencing some issues with my ssd. The boot times are through the roof (5-10 mins), given the rest of my build, it shouldnt be the case. Build --> https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20504114 I have changed the sata cable, plugged it in a different port on the motherboard, tried a different power cable Even used the Kingston SSD manager to check the drive's health and it looks fine. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  6. Can you please take a look at this ? https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-DisplayPort-HDMI-Cable-Feet/dp/B015OW3M1W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1543102731&sr=8-4&keywords=displayport+to+hdmi+cable Will this cable or something similar do ?
  7. You mentioned an adapter, can i just get a cable ? There are display port to hdmi cables available on amazon, just don't know if they are bidirectional or work one way
  8. will a display port to hdmi cable not work ? he's got a bit of an ocd so he'd like to get similar monitors
  9. So i am making this post on behalf of a friend, he's new to the pcmr community and still not familiar with the ltt community. He has a i7 7700k, rtx 2080 MSI gaming x trio, he's using a 27 inch Acer KG271 monitor. Now the issue he is facing is that he plans to get another similar monitor for a dual monitor setup (i got him hooked on setup wars and he liked the multiple monitor setups) the monitor only has a hdmi port, his graphics card has only 1 hdmi port and 4 display ports, so will display port (gpu) to HDMI (monitor) work ? Another option i suggested was using the hdmi
  10. So i recently built a new computer its a ryzen 7 1700 windows 10 system, i have a old amd A8 laptop running windows 10 with a screen broken beyond repair, it still starts up when connected to a hdmi display and works normally. The issue is the laptop has a 1tb hard drive with some data id like to have, i was wondering if i can transfer the hdd from the laptop to the pc without corrupting or loosing the data, the extra 1tb of space would be handy as mine only has 2tb and a 250gb ssd.
  11. Hey, was looking to build a decent gaming PC ? My budget is 400-500 is that good ? I was looking for something with integrated vega gpus
  12. M worried about the mini tho, arent mini's in the middle ground between the 1060 n 1070 ? Or m i misguided ?
  13. takes abt 7 hours to render a 30 mins vid
  14. Apart from gaming i do plan to do some editing, i still edit some vids from my xbox one, 1080p 60fps using a really crappy A8 6410 n a Radeon HD8570 ;-; So will that downgrade in the cpu affect that ?