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    Corsair LPX 2x8Gb
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    RX 480
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    NZXT H440
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    1TB Samsung 980 Pro, 1TB Samsung 970 Evo, 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD, 256GB SATA III PNY SSD
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    EVGA 650 G2
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    Corsair H115i

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  1. The way I see it as, I have room to spare with my GPU, I can still go down to much lower settings or frame rate, I make about 100fps as an average across games on medium settings. Obviously csgo is about 400fps but GTA V is 80fps. The CPU though, that causes crashes from overloading. I can live with it for now, But is an upgrade to the 10 or 11 series worth it if its not NEEDED? like thats a 600-700 $ upgrade. Are there going to be any upcoming leaps in tech? I haven't been paying attention to it for years so I dont know what's in the works. I would just rather wait but if there i
  2. I run 1440p fine, I dont have many complaints with GPU, its obviously not the best but I can run my games smooth enough, I hate having the 980 and not being able to use it properly, I would be using it. The 7700k has been running fine, I render and game but the CPU is often a bottleneck. I can live with it though, I just dont want to have to wait forever for a small upgrade. Like will there be big tech jumps in the next year or so? But I've checked the markets for GPU and its useless for now, they're overpriced at msrp, I'm not paying double.
  3. So I have a 7700k, 2 x 8 GB @ 2400 and rx480, I've been wanting to upgrade the GPU, until I realized I need more storage and my ram had made me crash for the last time the other day. So I have some GSKILL neo 2 x 16 3600 in the mail and had just installed a Samsung 980 Pro, only to realize I cant even use the 980 to its full potential from me being stuck on PCIE 3.0. So what do I do? Do I upgrade the CPU now? Do I wait until the gen following AM4 comes out and buy new graphics card for the time being? I can wait on the card, the rx480 gets me by well enough until I can find 3070 f
  4. I have a 7700k on a Strix Z270H and I'm running 2 x 8Gb @ 2133. (stock speed) + RX 480 if that matters I found an amazing deal on some trident Z neo 2x 16 @ 3800 but dont know if I can even use it with my processor. The MOBO supports all speeds up to 3866 so I should be good to get that fast stuff right? if not, a slight downclock? How much of an improvement should i expect? for reference I run ~80 FPS on GTA V 1440p high settings i believe. It could be high but i probs lowered the FPS killers. Dirt 5 is meh FPS wise but i think I blame my gpu for that. cities skyline
  5. haha fair. The same product, is USD $350, normally that means ~$400 CAD, but instead, its $250 CAD (so like a sale price of ~200USD). I found a sweet set for dirt cheap is the point (the GSkill neo 2x16@3800). But yeah I can overclock my cpu to 5.2 max, 4.8 is my standard OC used for gaming. I couldn't push the RAM very high at all. I might have gotten as high as 2666 or whatever is close to that but I never saw any noticeable performance improvements in any benchmarks. FPS was an itty bitty bit higher. like maybe 3-5 but the dips make it useless. Ill try again soon. I
  6. My motherboard supports up to 3866 and with the asus bios I should be able to OC it to 3800. But also, I'm Canadian so that ballistix is CAD150$ because fking markup is ridiculous here. So in your terms, Id sell mine for like $30, the 2 x 16 3800 is.. $330 USD??? First time ever something like that has been cheaper in Canada. Normally using that price, a Canadian estimate would be ~ $400 for the same product.. but here its CAD 250, after seeing Canadian price, makes me think it should be about USD$200 but naw its 330 haha. I think i might snag it. especially if someone messed up the pricing ha
  7. As far as I know, tobisha is a good brand, I know ive used their products before. The barracuda 2.5" is 7200RPM while the tobisha is 5400. Since SATA III is so slow for the modern days, having the 5400RPM will be another bottleneck in its speeds, you definitely want to get the one that spins 7200 RPM. If you want speed, consider an SDD, but money. so if youre looking for a faster boot AND more storage then something like this will benefit you better https://www.newegg.com/western-digital-blue-1tb/p/N82E16820250088
  8. i7 7700k w/ 280 AIO, Strix RX 480 8Gb, Corsair LPX 2x8, Strix Z270H, 970 EVO. I have heard the ram speed really matters but i have no experience with the fanciness, I guess I got the bottom of the bin because I could only OC to the increment but it was negligible so its running stock. There's not much of a market as far as i can tell where I am but I'm sure i can find someone to take it for $50, trident Z neo 2x16 @ 3800 is $250. I'm pretty sure I paid 200 for my 2x8. The identical 2x8 kit is $115.
  9. Theyve been doing that same thing the last 2 or 3 drops. good job NVIDIA
  10. K im contemplating upgrading my memory because I have 2x8 @2133 and it throttles. I'm tight on money at the moment, money coming soon but i do want to save what I can. Is sending it with 2x16 @3800 worth it? Like idk what the faster ram impacts. Theres a newish trident z neo 2 x 16 @3800 which is as fast as my mobo supports, but is the value there?
  11. You were looking at 3060ti reviews? Then bought the base model.
  12. Lowkey had no idea this JUST came out. I was thinking of the 10 series vs 20 series, turns out it still follows suit haha
  13. You downgraded. The 2070 is faster, the 3060 is newer. if you wanted an improvement from a new card, youd be looking at buying a 3060 super or a 3070.
  14. I've got an i7 7700k, rx480 and corsair lpx 2x8 2133 DDR4 on a strix Z270H (max of 3866 for memory). I normally have many things going on, so my memory usage is about 50-60 just day to day. Add gaming in for breaks or whatever without closing my work, gets my memory gets throttled. I cant close most so: Do I buy an identical kit to just add more? Or do I take this opportunity to upgrade? If so, what do i do for relatively cheap? The options I'm considering: Buy a cheap but fast 3600 2x8 kit (but would that be enough of a speed boost to allow me to not get throttled?
  15. Isopropyl Alcohol is a conductive solvent. It eats away at certain materials in the plastic/vinyl categories which is why you'll hear people say 70% for some applications (and medical because it takes time for it to kill germs and work its way deeper). Higher purity iso is only used over 70 because it dries faster. I've heard people say to use the high grade because its not conductive because no water, but its still conductive so moot point. the 70 is much more gentle but will take longer to clean the paste off so its totally dependent as to which to use. Do you have pictures of the cpu and mo