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    My room
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    Not Telling
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    Living in a room
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    I live in a room. I love the room and the room loves me
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    Sitting in a room


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    AMD A8-3500m oced to 2.2ghz
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    some random laptop thing
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    some generic 2*8gb ram 1333mhz
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    AMD Radeon HD 6600m series
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    Some laptop case
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    600gb hdd
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    Dont have one boiiii
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    Some generic screen
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    Cooling? Whats that? My CPU is at 95c and its fine so far
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    Some generic keyboard
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    Some random wireless mouse with the accuracy of a blind person playing archery tag
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    Some generic sound card
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    Windows 10 pro boiiii

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  1. Hey all! I was wondering if I should get the amd/intel version of pop os or the nvidia version. Gonna be hijacking an nvidia gpu
  2. Is this only a problem with csgo or with other games too?
  3. Hey all! Linux noob here. Using Pop os with KDE Plasma as my DE. I was wondering if I could overclock my cpu in linux somehow. I can't do it via the bios since laptop. I can overclock a bit using AMD Overdrive in windows but in linux I just can't see to find a solution.
  4. Already tried the tweaks. Since a lot of textures don’t load in the game becomes somewhat unplayable because can’t see any textures
  5. Didn’t know that it worked that way. TIL. Yes. Its on normal. If I set it on high vram usage goes up to 4.4gb
  6. Hey all, I downloaded gta v for the first time and my vram usage is at 2.5 gigs at minimum settings 1024x600 resolution. Any way I can fix this or is this now normal? specs: Amd a8 3500m 8gb ram radeon hd 6650m 1gb radeon hd 6620g 512mb (1.5gb total because crossfire)
  7. I have it all setup now! Thank you @Windows7ge for all the help. I would have been really lost.
  8. Found an option to change from access point work mode to router work mode. Maybe this will help lol
  9. Had a look. Looks exactly like what I need but can't find it in the router settings lol
  10. Also gonna call my ISP tomorrow. Maybe they could help.
  11. Already using google servers. Anything that could help me?