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  1. The sound is not present on my laptop. I'm uneasy about RMAing my mobo, I heard ASUS customer support is dodgy. Would a powered USB hub fix any of the EMI?
  2. Hi, My Corsair K70 keyboard causes EMI whenever the LED lights are turned on. At first I thought it was a problem with the keyboard itself, so I RMAd but the replacement unit has the same issue. Could it be my motherboard and if so should I RMA? I have an ASUS Maximus VII Hero. What can I do to fix this on my own? Will a powered USB hub fix this? Thanks
  3. Ok I have tried all of the USB ports and still get a buzz. I also just used the keyboard cable and still a buzz... I don't think it is the keyboard since it worked without a buzz on other computers. Should I post in a different sections like troubleshoot or audio?
  4. Hello, I wasn't sure to post this in audio or peripherals. I have a really annoying problem I just cant figure out how to fix, maybe you do? My Corsair K70 has been causing buzzing in my headphones and in my earbuds. It started less than a week ago. Here is a little background on the problem I had buzzing coming from my headphones which are plugged into the front of my computer, so I switched to the rear audio port same buzz. I tried using a different pair of headphones, same buzz. I heard that some USB devices could cause a
  5. The Logitech G230 or the Creative Fatal1ty HS800 are decent headsets under $50.
  6. MrFub

    Which Headphones?

    Do you know of a fairly good priced amp that can power 250ohm headphones? Just a general question
  7. MrFub

    Which Headphones?

    Would that be good for gaming? Ive heard open is better because of the soundstage. Also, which ohm should I get and with what amp if I were to get the 250ohm?
  8. MrFub

    Which Headphones?

    I'd be gaming with some people around me from time to time.
  9. MrFub

    Which Headphones?

    I don't have a preference, just as long as an open headset doesn't bleed too much sound. Do you know if the 558 have decent bass?
  10. MrFub

    Which Headphones?

    My Siberia v2's died after 3 years and I am looking into new headphones. I will be getting a mod mic for these. I will be mainly gaming and from time to time listening to music. I have narrowed down my choices to the HD558, HD598, DT990 32ohm. I cant decide which pair to go with. I'm trying to keep the price down below $200 USD. I have considered the HyperX Cloud, not sure if those would be good to go with instead. If you know of a better pair of then the ones I have listed and think that they are better please let me know. I am open to ideas.
  11. I applied new paste, only 3 C cooler
  12. Alright I'll try that, any remedies for the GPU temp?
  13. They haven't at all, my temps stay the same. It's like my computer is underload for some odd reason
  14. I tried looking for something, nothing out of the ordinary. I tried doing a system restore to see if that would fix anything, but it failed for some reason.
  15. No, when I turn on my PC, the temps will gradually rise about 20 C each and then stop.