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  1. You are totally right, if he agrees with that. Thanks ?
  2. Here is something I would get if I was in your place: https://www.compari.ro/procesoare-c3139/amd/ryzen-5-1600x-hexa-core-3-6ghz-am4-p363376815/ https://www.compari.ro/placi-de-baza-c3128/asus/prime-x370-a-90mb0un0-m0eay0-p370007979/ https://www.compari.ro/memorii-c3577/team-group/t-force-vulcan-8gb-ddr4-2400mhz-tlred48g2400hc1601-p404197015/ https://www.compari.ro/placi-video-c3142/asus/radeon-rx-470-mining-led-4gb-gddr5-256bit-pcie-mining-rx470-4g-led-p403124829/ https://solid-state-drive-ssd.compari.ro/team-group/l5-lite-3d-2-5-240gb-sata3-t253td240g3c101-p39
  3. Yeah I wanted to order new fans but I see one little problem. How do I test/benchmark it(Furmark or Firestrike) if fans don't work? It will throttle, and you know that some graphics card can get malfunctioning power delivery over time, so when you have higher power usage, it shuts down, should that be my concern?
  4. I found used GTX 1080, more precise Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 for 260USD, so guy claims that only fans don't work, and that everything else works without problem. Now that's realy cheap compared to same, fully operational for 340USD. What do you think could also be a problem? I spent 10h trying to find if that graphics card had some fab or any other problem, but most of the problems I found were with drivers or other software problems. What should I look and ask for when I am buying it?(If you had some expirience where seller tricked you or something idk) Because in US that may loo
  5. Yeah, that's main reason why i went for this one, there would be no point of having USB 3.0 headerwith 2.0 speed Thanks!
  6. I have case with 2xUSB 3.0 on Front header but my mobo supports only USB 2.0, i wonder can i use this pcie card to plug it in? And yeah i know there is PCIe to USB 3.0, but if i need to plug some adapter like that i would like to have USB 3.0 on back side, otherwise i just wasted one PCIe slot.
  7. As i said i can't order anything, first most stuff is shipped only to US, second even if it was to ship, best option is countries in EU which my isn't. I can't order anything to be shipped in Serbia, and in Serbia i have limited options. I mean yes i can order some stuff from ebay, but customs will take so much, it goes like this, i order something for 100$, they say it is worth 150$ on that goes VAT(if i am right, cause here it is PDV) which is 10%, then on top of that(150+10%=165$) goes customs which is 20% so you got 165+20%=198$ and that is if i have luck, so i paid 100$ for PSU and i have
  8. Well i tend to lean on CM side, even tho i know Corsair has some of its unique tech built into their psus. I guess CM looks better and is semi modular. Well u know what i meant by that. Yes ones with higher price are MIJ, but this one isn't.
  9. Well thanks, but i don't have any under 750W option that isn't chinese(My last reply). Thank you.
  10. Nope, first Corsair PSU is CX750, and HX750. Cheapest CX is CX750, cheapest MW is MW750. Sorry i don't have one link that would direct you to site to look at it, but that is it, EVGA G2, Corsair CX750 and HX750, MW750 and up. Nothing else, all other are CM and chinese. No Seasonic, beQuiet, basicly options are close to none. And there is reason behind it, everybody wants quality PSU on nice price 70-80$, but that is why here they don't want them in store because chinese ones are cheaper to buy, so until 100$ they will sell u chinese, and if u want quality ones u buy 100$+ P
  11. I know that, i would love to buy something like that, but best >750W PSU is MWE Gold 550W, thats why every PSU is 750W, under that is all No-Brand, chinese PSU, and from 750W is when something like MW, CX come along. I.e. There is no Brand-Name PSU under 750W, only Cooler Master, and it is MW Lite and Elite V3, best case MWE, which turns out can take components with it. Also i would love to order some from Amazon/Newegg, but there is no shipping option. So i am kinda left with EVGA 750 BQ (2Y Warranty) and Corsair CX750 (3Y Warranty) and MW 750(5Y Warranty) and possibly Gigabyte G750H
  12. Well i want quality PSU, i am not trying to cheap out on it and to risk 1000$ components dying This is not for this topic, but: I just found in notepad that there is EVGA 750 BQ (2Y Warranty) and Corsair CX750 (3Y Warranty) and MW 750 is 5 Years Warranty, is any of this two in any way better then MW? I mean they are both 130$ but with warranty cut in half.
  13. By this https://outervision.com/b/Aa4znB it doesn't. And when you add overclocking to it https://outervision.com/b/WeLHhf I mean, i still didn't overclock it because i don't want PSU to catch on fire and destroy any component, thats why i need new one. Wait what. How did i miss that. I genuinely thought Gigabyte was making them. By quick search i think CWT PSUs are not that bad. Does CM make their own PSU, or does it also use OEM to do all work for them? EDIT: Cooler Master MasterWatt 750 is made by HEC. Now question is, who is better CWT or HEC?
  14. Asus Z370-F ROG Strix I5 8600K (No overclock) 16GB RAM GTX 1070TI And that would be it, i mean also 3 RGB fans, rgb lightning. I want to add better PSU in order to overclock i5 8600K. I currently have Raidmax Cobra 700W, but has reputation on getting on fire.