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    dizmo got a reaction from Tristerin in PC building is frustrating and tiring..   
    If it worked in the shop, and didn't work when you got it home, that tells me that it's something you're doing yourself.
    Have you tried a different outlet?
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    dizmo reacted to manikyath in So what the he%% CAN I buy?   
    the problem isnt really the general "repairability" of a product, but shit like serializing components to actually make repairing a device impossible.
    the problem with repairability in phones, and essentially also why apple catches so much air is that 3rd party repair is essentially only profitable on high end expensive devices.
    if you buy yourself some moto G, the chance to find 3rd party repair for this device is essentially zero, as the labour cost of doing a repair quickly surpasses the cost of a new device that matches or exceeds your current device.
    on the side of laptops.. apple's practisces are DISGUSTING.. there's plenty of manufacturers where there's very little upgradeability or repairability, but at least on the laptop side there's actually very few companies that are quite the level of toxicity that apple is.
    will an HP or dell try to bat away warranty claims from an end user? obviously.. are parts difficult to get? certainly.. does HP actually put in effort to make corporate devices repairable, and make most parts generally avaiilable? try their partsurfer and be amazed.. apple could be running a billion dollar sheme just by selling parts for iDevices... they dont, because you need to buy their device.
    or at least.. that's my opinion.
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    dizmo got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Incredibly disappointed with LTT shirt fabric   
    While it may not be what you're looking for in a garment, the thickness of the shirt is not indicative of the quality. That's simply not how fabric works. 
    I do think that they should list the fabric weight on the site. That would give a far better idea of the thickness.
    However they're not a clothing company, so growing pains are kind of to be expected. Now that they have someone who's actually in the field, their quality can only improve. 
    There's thousands of people that have bought the shirts without issue. I'd say that trumps a bag of shirts if we're going for a numbers game. 
    Sounds a lot more like you have a problem with your washing machine. 
    It doesn't really work that way. While yes, thinner can be cheaper, it isn't always, and it isn't always worse quality. 
    I doubt they would. There's light shining through off the floor. Your body doesn't have the same effect. 
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    dizmo reacted to DailyProcrastinator in Google Assistant vs Alexa?   
    I've used Amazon Echos in the past, I made the full switch over to Google/Nest. I just feel there is more diversity within the product stack and what it supports. In many ways they are extremely similar. But there are key differences, and it depends on how immersed you want to get with "smart" tech. The biggest selling feature for me is that pairing with other Google Assistant enabled hardware (TV's, sound bars) allows me to effectively have a Sonos streaming system for 1/3rd the cost. If you go the Google/Nest route you also have access to smart locks, doorbell cameras, and some more 'home hardware' based products. Where as that segment isn't yet as grown out on the Amazon side. 
    I also was already using the Google Assistant (android user) so all around this was a good switch for me personally. 
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    dizmo reacted to Airdragonz in Google Assistant vs Alexa?   
    Any reason why you aren't considering Google's Nest hub? I believe that's on sale for $49 USD currently and pretty much better than the lenovo in every way.
    With that aside, also check that all your smart lights/devices can be controlled by either alexa or google assistant. Some lights only work on just alexa or just google. If everything's compatible, it'll really come down to personal preference as both can pretty much do the same thing (such as setting multiple alarms). 
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    dizmo reacted to ProjectBox153 in Google Assistant vs Alexa?   
    I haven't used multiple alarms with both devices, but I do own Alexa devices as well as Google Assistant devices. I honestly prefer the Google Assistant, but really it just comes down to personal preference. I use an original Google Home in my bedroom with Philips Hue lights (1 set of 4 bulbs and 2 individual lamps) and have no complaints. It works well, and I use it as my alarm clock on occasion. I've got an Echo Show 5 in my kitchen and an Echo Dot in another room, but I don't use them as often as I do any of the Google Assistant devices. 
    TL;DR I think you'd be fine with either, but I can't say about setting multiple alarms. 
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    dizmo got a reaction from Arika S in Need help finding 20-inch-tall desk   
    Agreed with @Gix7Fifty, you're shopping for a coffee table, not a desk. Though, really, just grab an Ikea table top and make yourself some legs out of 4x4s. Easy.
    That chair looks mad uncomfortable, and will probably completely destroy your back.
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    dizmo got a reaction from Oswin in Best wireless gaming mouse without Omron switches   
    I think you're overreacting to a problem that isn't nearly as widespread as you think.
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    dizmo got a reaction from n0stalghia in Not so Red and Rosy in Open-Source Land: RX 6800 problems on Linux?   
    There's gonna be 40 really unhappy people. 
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    dizmo got a reaction from Louie Friesen in Best wireless gaming mouse without Omron switches   
    I think you're overreacting to a problem that isn't nearly as widespread as you think.
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    dizmo got a reaction from GDRRiley in Colton's NEW Streaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   
    $5,000 budget. Didn't want to spend $225 on a properly strong Ikea desk.
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    dizmo reacted to Letgomyleghoe in Incredibly disappointed with LTT shirt fabric   
    thin material has little to nothing to do with how long it will last, I have a work shirt that I was given when doing a construction job during 110F heat, it has since lasted me three years working on various projects, forging, and day to day use (its soft and cool.)
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    dizmo got a reaction from lexusgamer05 in Colton's NEW Streaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   
    $5,000 budget. Didn't want to spend $225 on a properly strong Ikea desk.
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    dizmo got a reaction from whm1974 in How reliable are Newegg, Amazon, and Bhphotos?   
    I'd definitely buy from B&H and Amazon. Nothing but good things from both of those companies, especially Amazon (if you get screwed over by them, you've done something horribly wrong yourself). I wouldn't touch NewEgg with a 100 foot pole. Horrible customer service, horrible company.
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    dizmo got a reaction from Vancouver Dan in Radeon RX 6800 XT: Non-Reference Cards (Canada)   
    It's kind of hard to say before reviews are out. I'd just hold off and see what those are like.
    It should also be noted that Memory Express is not accepting back orders on AMD cards, as they don't know when they're receiving stock.
    Rather telling of just how little stock they have available, and that retailers have far less faith in them coming through than they did Nvidia.
    Considering the short supply of cards from Nvidia (at most 80 per store as per research by Jayz2cents), AMD is far worse (max of 10 per store)...I wouldn't really expect to get one tbh. Better to just wait it out until the new year when supplies stop fluctuating so much.
    IMO waiting at a store for a day or two makes no sense. Might as well just pay 2x the price from a scalper at that point.
    Eh you can't really blanket statement it like that. XFX and Powercolor have put out some supremely shit cards over the past few years.
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    dizmo got a reaction from Wolfycapt in I want to build a $500+ system that trade blows with the PS5. What should I do?   
    Not happening. The storage solution alone is half your budget.
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    dizmo reacted to Dedayog in I want to build a $500+ system that trade blows with the PS5. What should I do?   
    Pray to God.
    3060 will be $350-$400 probably. Leaving you $150 max to build the rest.
    No way in hell.
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    dizmo got a reaction from CommanderAlex in Colton's NEW Streaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   
    $5,000 budget. Didn't want to spend $225 on a properly strong Ikea desk.
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    dizmo got a reaction from Ajmal Zahir in Linus Media Group makes $19 Million per year in revenue. Explained... (Corrected)   
    I'm not sure where you got the minimum wage from, but it's $14.60/hr in BC. I'd be a little shocked if the majority of employees made less than $25/hr, the GVRD is an expensive place to live. On top of that, why 25 days? 5 days is a working week. More than that, he'd have to pay overtime, unless they're salaried. You also have to times the wage by 1.4x as a general rule of thumb for staff costing, as that covers CCP payments, vacation pay, etc. Not only that, that's base wage. Most probably make more with experience and role, some considerably. You also didn't factor in what Linus takes home, which again, will be substantially more than $25/hr. Though none of that has anything to do with revenue. 
    To be fair, they are working with small batches and at times very small suppliers. So. Higher costs are to be expected. 
    I'm pretty sure he owns the buildings...perhaps not outright but I don't think he's renting. Wouldn't really make sense. 
    Some people have curiousities about businesses and how they're ran, how much they profit, etc. You don't, that's fine. Why do you care that he does? 
    Soemthing about assholes...
    Please. That's going a little overboard. He's not going to get upset at people guessing, and all that information is public. You can go look at what the property cost, and figure out what his taxes and running costs are from that. None of this is hard, none of it is private information. 
    You say if you can't accept criticism...yet you seem to have a hard time taking it yourself. 
    Not sure where you got all their numbers, but most of the staff definitely does not make $100k/yr.
    While Linus does love modestly, he also does have a nice house, which is not cheap in the GVRD. 
    Most people who work even minimum wage cars have their own place and vehicle...
    Are you kidding me? Comparing it to doxxing is a little much. It's a forum, he's trying to start conversation. It's harming no one. 
    Do you think that's too high or too low? 
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    dizmo got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in detentions dimension dimension please   
    If you're trying to ship them, install the CPU into the socket and throw out the box entirely. Same with the RAM. Then you just have 2 boxes to worry about. 
    Either way, as @tikkersaid Amazon is your best bet. 
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    dizmo reacted to tikker in detentions dimension dimension please   
    Look them up on Amazon and check the product dimensions (or another webshop of choice)
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    dizmo got a reaction from Levent in GTX 960 to 970? Worth it   
    I'd save your money and aim for something like a 980Ti once prices drop even further. For an extra $40 you can get significantly more performance if you wait a bit.
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    dizmo got a reaction from LogicalDrm in Feedback and thoughts?   
    I think it's pointless to ask for change without giving some examples or suggestions.
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    dizmo got a reaction from Blademaster91 in Best Flagship Killer/ Midrange Smartphone?   
    The 865 is still considered a flagship tier SoC.
    I don't see how that's an issue. It's just the back that's plastic. After a case or skin is thrown on it, you'll never notice. I'd rather have a new design, than components thrown into a 5 year old chassis with a tiny screen.
    Almost all Android phones have different display presets. It's not hard to go change between them. You're also incorrect; the 8 Pro has a 1bil color display, the 8 does not. Why do you think resolution would negatively impact the color reproduction? If anything it's the opposite if what you're saying.
    To you, maybe. Not to many others, myself included. You can use it with one hand. Maybe you can't, I can. While the newest ones are bigger, who cares if you have to use more than one hand? Not a big deal. Typing out a message is faster with both thumbs anyway.
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    dizmo reacted to PeachGr in Did the Nvidia and AMD launcher suck/were vapoware/ paperlaunches?   
    Nobody needs to explain anything to you, you are spoiled and that topic is tiresome and repeated. All 15yo kids, think that there is a dark plan and companies are laughing so them. Simple story thou. They can't produce due to covid-19, the demand is to the roof we have to wait to the "crap" 2000 series for now.
    There are shortages for everything on the world including medicines and GPU will go with it, deal with it and live on