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    Intel i3 4160
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    GSkill RipJaws 16GB DDR3
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  1. Hmm...

    So I can put an LS3 into a Cayman, and there's a company who makes an adapter package to mate a PDK transmission to it 🤔

    Mid engine + 500HP = GT3 chaser for $100k less.

    Though if their package works for rear engines as well I'm more tempted to buy a 996 and RSR it.

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    2. dizmo


      Haha, I love the sound of the flat 6, with the right exhaust...I actually hate the lopey sound of American muscle when it has a hot cam. So 180 degree headers are a must, and a mild cam. Luckily I'd only be aiming for 475HP, and 60HP is an extremely easy gain from an LS3.


      Reason: It's cheap, will have more power than one could get for anything even remotely close in cost, have superb handling, and it'd be a fun summer car.


      fwiw Doug said the GT4 was his favorite sports car...and this would be that, but with more power and a more sorted suspension system ;) Just much, much cheaper with much cheaper maintenance costs.

    3. handymanshandle


      I just can’t stand the noises of a flat-6. It’s everything bad about both V6s and flat-4s rolled into some quirky flat engine to be thrown into a 911 and Friends... or, if you’re Subaru, an SUV that everyone forgot about. 

      In any case, I’d rather have a 996 Turbo and do some handling mods over a Cayman simply because I like how the 996 looks.

    4. dizmo


      Yeah, if I went 996 route it'd be a C2 and look like one of these:

      Porsche 996 DMC RS Style Front Hood Carbon Fiber GT fits Turbo, Narrow and  RSR – DMC


      997 GT3 RSR Body Kit for 996 or 997 Porsche 911 for a special price


      Sans the hood fill slot, because I'm not going to go that far.