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    Intel i3 4160
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    GSkill RipJaws 16GB DDR3
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    Intel Graphics 4400
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    Shuttle XPC Slim
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    Transcend MSA370 128GB
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    LG 29WK500
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    GSkill KM780
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    Mackie CR5BT
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  1. I'd rather just spend $15 on an SSD, with more capacity and multitudes more speed.
  2. Seems horribly overpriced. Also, graphics cards are very rarely in poor physical condition, even when they're dead.
  3. Looks like a lot of....useless stuff. Recycling is calling. When are you ever going to use an 80GB HDD?
  4. I'd want to know. No reason not to, really. It gives you time to say your goodbyes, your apologies, and do things you might not have otherwise done. Let's be real though, it's pretty unlikely that we'd have something that large coming towards earth without us knowing. That's so simplistic it's adorable. Psh you wouldn't be ruining anything, who watches TV? Yeahhh that's not really that big though. At least not on the scale that the OP is talking. Russia, for example, has tested bombs with more than 1,570 times the force of both of the bombs dropped on J
  5. Sounds like something a hoarder would say
  6. Most people don't copy files or encrypt/decrypt files on a daily basis. By the sounds of it though there's no need to spend the extra on the 980 Pro level drive. I'd just go with the one that comes with the warranty.
  7. Except peanuts are a more common allergy (thanks mostly to poor parenting), this is more of a subset of a subset...it's getting into really tiny fractions of the population at that point.
  8. Hahaha, that would explain the constant "I'm an idiot" posts So, sell them on? If you're not using them, they're of no use to you.
  9. Ultrawide monitors are such a pain when it comes time to move.

  10. You won't really have a warranty on them, but shouldn't matter; the drives dying is pretty rare. Just have to make sure the price is right. What are you using it for where you think you need the added speed? It's pretty rare that someone can actually benefit from it.
  11. The best thing you can do, is go to your local classifieds and compare pricing. The prices you get here will simply be what that person would pay, or what they think someone else would pay. They're not really relevant at all unless they live where you're trying to sell it. You could be losing out on a ton of cash, or holding onto it for too long, and losing value that way.
  12. Yeah honestly I bought my desk pad I have now for $12 CDN and it's really good quality. Almost like a heavy neoprene. Paying 4x as much for something that's hopefully of similar quality is definitely more of a supporting the brand move.
  13. Good to know. Might be my next mat unless LTT comes out with a diff piece of merch I'd rather have. I wouldn't mind seeing how their hoodie turns out now that they have someone actually in the industry working with them. For the tee shirt designs, yes you're right. However I don't wear tee shirts. Most of the LTT merch has Linus Tech Tips scrawled across it in huge letters, and that's just...unappealing to me.
  14. Anyone that lives in Alberta should definitely consider taking a vacation to BC for any kind of dental work.

  15. Keep in mind you'll have to pay duty and possibly VAT, so make sure you double check the landed price, not just the listed price before you buy from another country.