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  1. lol. That Trump/Biden debate is quite something.

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    2. dizmo


      Pretty much. I'm not a huge fan of Trump overall, but honestly Biden isn't any better. They're both pretty childish.

      What a country to live in, where both of your options are shit.

      I think Trump is the better choice though. Never thought I'd say that.

    3. Techstorm970


      @dizmo  The past couple days of approval rating polls agree with you.  Biden could put two and two together, but Trump confused him multiple times on top of tripping over his own words.  I'm skeptical that Trump has warmed up to Russia, but even if he has, I don't think that Biden flat out getting his ass handed to him by Putin is better.


      Putting Biden in a room with Putin and/or Xi Jinping is a scary thought...

    4. dizmo


      Biden seems to lack a bit of a backbone. I just don't see him being a good president. He also had to be reminded of questions multiple times.

      It would be interesting to see what would happen if he got elected and the VP got in though. A female president would be quite a shift.