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Status Updates posted by dizmo

  1. 120hz on a phone; I'm never going back to 60.

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    2. Bombastinator


      I think it depends on if you play games on it and what games you play.  I play only casual games on my phone so I don’t really either.  I’m not everyone though.

    3. Mr.Meerkat


      Last time I played games on my phone was back in something like 2017 😂😂

    4. dizmo


      @Bombastinator Yeah, I really don't think the difference between 120hz and 144hz would be noticeable. It's far too close. Especially with fluctuations if you're taking gaming into account.

      @Mr.Meerkat I won't go back to a 60hz phone, that's for sure. It's far smoother.

  2. Hmm. 30k post. What have I done.

    1. Windows7ge


      One of two things.

      1. You helped a lot of people.
      2. A lot of shit posting.
    2. dizmo
  3. Something to keep in mind: Masks aren't nearly as effective as you probably think.


    They're still useful, but don't think you're invincible because you have one.

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    2. handymanshandle


      Yeah, I started to gain my sense of smell at the very beginning of the second week after I caught the coronavirus. By the end of that week, I could mostly smell things like I used to.

    3. dizmo


      That's the only thing I'd be worried about. Losing it permanently...and mostly only because it's tied to taste.

      Then again if things didn't taste so good perhaps I'd be lighter 🤔

    4. handymanshandle
  4. Can't wait to hear all the bitching about AMDs non reference cards being sold out 9_9

    Who was that member telling me there'd be 10x the availability of the board partner cards...

    1. Den-Fi
    2. Jurrunio


      that's what Su said when announcing Big Navi right? At an attempt to make jokes about Nvidia, then realize AMD is even worse

    3. dizmo


      AMDs marketing department (let's be real though, they should never be believed), apparently some journalist with "insider information" (ha, ha, ha...)...but yeah, they're many times worse than the Nvidia launch. Which is quite a feat. Some of the larger Canadian retailers are telling customers they didn't get a single card, and they have no ETA for incoming stock. At least with Nvidia they were confident enough to allow back orders.

  5. Did anyone bother watching that RGB live stream thing LTT did?
    I watched maybe 5 minutes, got bored (and a little horrified, I hate cable mess), and went to do other things.

    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      Not yet. Probably if I am board (in the background).

      Had yesterday a problem with windows: this time one of the two SSDs removed from the raid caused windows to crash if the drive was connected.

      Everything it took was a Linux machine to fix it. ...



      Now where the RAID is gone I finally feel comfortable to update the bios.


  6. Bestbuy, you're fucking shit. Your stores phone numbers don't connect to the store, they direct you to the 1 800 number. That number also doesn't have live agents to help, they direct you to the website, which doesn't have the answers I want. It also suggests online chat, which hasn't been up for 3 days.

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    2. Windows7ge


      Ouch. Gotta add that premium when you're the middle man.

    3. Nowak


      I looked it up, the MSRP was $140. Gotta charge that $110 premium, yo.

    4. dizmo


      @Windows7ge Yeah, it's not for PC parts, they have the best freebee for signing up to a new contract. I just want to make sure it applies to upgrades as well.

      @Nowak Haha, yeah, that might have just been a pricing error. Happens all the time. Most retail stores go through hundreds of price changes a week.

  7. The emptiness is heavier than you think.



    1. Bombastinator


      Major depression.  It can mess with your head in weird and evil ways.  There are specialists that can help.

  8. One of the best songs ever written. Fight me.



  9. I wish Drop was more than headphones and watches. 



    ...though it's a pretty killer place to get the latter. 

    1. FloRolf


      Are you into watches as well? 

      Might wanna join the tiny subforum (or thread actually) and MAKE IT BIG. 

      As for Dorp and their watches, I just went through it and couldn't really find anything interesting. Quite a lot of microbrands and then some Glycine Seiko and Citizen. 



    2. iBabySlapper


      Speaking of drop and watches, the only thing I've bought off there is a Technomarine watch with an uncommon Seiko NH70.

      The movement being uncommon is the only reason I bought it, and it's probably the least legible watch I've ever seen personally, but it's not too bad (aside from a few quality issues).

    3. dizmo


      Interesting, I hadn't seen that thread...and now I kind of see why haha, not many posts on it. I don't have too many watches right now as I sold a couple, just a Marathon GSAR (the watch smells like Cadbury's Mini Eggs, it's fantastic), and a Mondaine.


      Yeah, you've gotta have notifications on and it's rather sporadic for them to have something worth considering. I've seen BALL on there a few times, and they have a few watches I wouldn't mind owning. I've seen MontBlanc on there, and I wouldn't mind getting another Timewalker. I picked up a Mondaine Giant on there last year or the year before for like $75. Nothing fancy, but it goes really well with a dress shirt and slides under the cuff nicely, unlike the Marathon.



  10. Well that's Canadian as fuck..



  11. I like these companies that are putting LCD panels on the GPU. I mean, the coolers are getting big enough that they can actually be useful.

    Not something I'd get as I don't need cases with a window though.

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    2. dizmo


      Really? Odd. They're pretty useful for monitoring temps, fan speed, etc.

    3. FloRolf


      But I have Software for that? 

      And the software can tell you so much more too. 

      I have afterburner running pretty much all the time and then I can toggle the osd while ingame to quickly identify issues, etc. 

    4. dizmo


      Software doesn't really help you when you're in game though, unless you have an overlay which IMO is hideous.

  12. From the leaks, there's less and less reason to buy the Samsung Sxx Ultra. 

  13. Seeing how many calories are in my typical fast food order is. Disturbing.

  14. When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?



  15. I LOVE female soprano vocals over a metal backing ❤️



    1. Levent


      Expected to see some "epica" here.

    2. dizmo


      Hmm I've never heard of them, I'll have to have a look.

  16. "You can get 23" wheels on the Urus if you need an extra inch...and if you drive a Lamborghini, you probably do."


    1. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      This Lamborghini has slightly larger tires as standard. 🤯


      New Lamborghini Tractor Range for 2014


    2. dizmo


      I've always wondered how much Lambo makes from their tractor division, and if prices have gone up substantially since the performance car division took off. Their definitely a little more posh than a regular John Deere. Especially if you get something like this...


  17. Yessssss waiting paid off. Next phone: Samsung S20 FE.

  18. Good luck getting an AMD 6000 card in Canada. 


    Memory Express didn't get any, and they aren't accepting backorders so they don't expect any anytime soon. So, so much worse than the Nvidia launch. 

    1. WereCat


      still can't find any listing in my country as well, Ryzen was listed almost a week in advance 

    2. dizmo


      Haha, yeah. Everyone was saying how AMD wouldn't "screw it up", not realizing that the pandemic does indeed play into stock levels.
      I mean, there's places that don't have concrete because of the pandemic affecting production...

    3. WereCat


      not in stock but it showed up


  19. OnePlus is selling their wireless Apple clones tomorrow for $1, until supplies run out. 



    I wonder if that's them quietly admitting they're hot fucking garbage. 

    1. FloRolf


      Wait what. Do you know if this is international? Because honestly I don't care how shit they are, $1 is basically free so I'll definitely try to get one if I can. 

    2. dizmo


      Pretty sure it's US only, or Canada if you want to pay a few dollars to have it shipped up.

  20. Apple M1 looks like a banger.

    1. Den-Fi


      It's like... very fast.

      Glad I waited for reviews.

      The Pro would have literally been a waste of money for what I use it for.

      I very did not want a touchbar, the screen brightness is fine on the air, and I don't do sustained workloads that would require the fan to keep clocks up.

      So all in all, very happy to have waited for once.

    2. dizmo


      Yeah, for anyone with specific workloads, or professional workloads it doesn't make much sense.

      But for the tens of millions of regular users, it's kind of a no brainer.

    3. Den-Fi


      I was more speaking to the M1 13 Pro vs Air.

  21. New AMD cards I/O is kind of pathetic.

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    2. dizmo


      Unless their display only has DP inputs. It's not uncommon. It's also more likely to happen when you're buying a more expensive video card, so the decision is still pretty poor.

    3. DrMacintosh


      DP can be adapted with the proper cable. It's really not that big a deal. If you can afford one of the new AMD GPUs, you can afford a $12 DP to HDMI cable. 

    4. WereCat


      using 3 DP monitors and Oculus Rift via HDMI right now and I am disappointed greatly with the I/O as well

  22. @Crunchy Dragon Seems like it might be your jam


    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      I like it within the first 5 seconds.


      Here's one back at ya:


    2. dizmo
  23. Take what you want from me. And I think, I can't feel anymore.



  24. If you're in Canada, and have Shaw as an ISP, you should seriously look at their mobile phone offerings.

  25. Coughing into your mask is the new shitting in your pants.

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    2. dizmo


      @Letgomyleghoe Haha, technically no. But you're going to have whatever you sneezed out inside the mask. I'd just cover your mouth with the mask on and sneeze, making sure that you're not gonna project mucus or something. Then carry on. People might look at you weird but 🤷‍♂️

      @imreloadin Clearly went right over your head, but ok.

    3. WereCat


      I've seen some people to take the mask off when they were going to sneeze then put it back on

    4. Orange1


      The classics are the dumb ones that wear the mask only covering the mouth and not the nose. It intrigues me as to their rationale for doing so. I think its because it may block the eyesight barely or moreso the mask is seen over the nose, or the mask moves to much.