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  1. from rumors the supposed price for "turing" or "ampere" is $1000 USD. I have been keeping an eye out for it, but unfortunately I would expect a 2019 release date seeing as Direct X RTX technology is the focus on the new GPUs coming next from Nvidia. Depending on how taxing the tech is I bet we will see some varients mainly the high end models running HBM2. I would even guess ray tracing will be a memory hog so whatever Nvidia does plan on doing it should be a huge jump in technology. I would estimate a 2019 release date. They might be showing the cards off in september, but don't expect anythi
  2. has anyone had any luck getting SLI to see some tangible performance gains in PUBG? If so what are you setting in the profile inspector? Got 2x 1080 founders editons.
  3. I've been testing out a few games, and I got some pretty solid FPS boosts on games like withcer 3. Battlefield 1 somewhat supports it, but I've been noticing games patch it in later after launch.
  4. physx is useless unless you want to play borderlands 2 a lot or even the arkham games
  5. So I just got a second gtx 1080 for SLI and I was wondering what games even support it in 2018? The nvidia website has limited details on this matter because some games patch in SLI later on like battlefield 1. SO what games actually support SLI or is it even worth the effort?
  6. There's also this youtuber who does videos on making an iphone from scratch. The channel is called Strange Parts and maybe that guy could help you.
  7. Have you guys tried ordering the part directly from china? Wechat is the craigslist of china.
  8. There's this place in Cedar Falls, IA called itech, what you should do is try to work a backdoor deal with them. I bet they would try and fix it.
  9. From what I've researched SLI is only worth it if a game optimizes SLI correctly. Most games don't though. I suggest just doing a single card setup unless you really feel the need for 4k graphics.