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  1. i have an i5 6400 and it says that it supports DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V, would 2x8gb 3200mhz not be compatible with the cpu?
  2. air dusted pc yesterday and now when i play some barely demanding games i get a power surge crash after 10-20 min after launching the game, and if its a more demanding game it doesn't seem to happen, also doesn't happen even while using cinebench r15, r20 and 3 3dmark benchmarks, psu is 550w and has no rating, and if i should replace psu any recommendations? 550-600w
  3. MBogdan

    cpu cooler fan

    compressed air cleaned pc of 3 years worth of dust and cable managed the psu and when i turn it on the cpu fan does like a faint cricket type noise but continually, any stuff i can check/do to maybe fix it
  4. can't really test it because this happens like once every 2 months and other than those very rare times everything works as normal
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5I13ldhu2Q&feature=youtu.be was playing gta 5 story mode and pc froze random sounds that scared the fuck out of me, restarted pc and booted up as if nothing happened and apparently only thing that could be doing this is my cheap 500w power supply
  6. i am thinking of buying a 240hz monitor and i found a pretty good deal i'd say (where i live) for a Acer KG251QDBMIIPX, and its 250$, is this a good monitor? any bad sides/good sides, right now im using a benq 60hz 5ms monitor (GL2450) and i want to replace it
  7. how would a 70 dollar true wireless earbud (anker soundcore liberty air, or any other 70-100$ pair) compare to a pair of wired earbuds? like how would the sound compare and what price would aprox cost a pair of earbuds (with cable) with similar sound quality
  8. blew into sensor and now its not freaking out but its still shaking a quite a bit if i hold my finger, im asking mainly for that gap between sensor/bottom of mouse because i have a g403 prodigy (the normal one) and it doesn't have the gap
  9. so im starting to get random cursor jumps in games and if i slightly place my finger on the sensor my cursor freaks out (on desktop/ingame) and starts going crazy around the whole screen really fast and i was wondering if http://prntscr.com/pk88u4 this is normal for there to be this small gap between the sensor and the bottom of the mouse
  10. k i image searched it after i took all passwords on usb internet unplugged and its something from windows ink, idk why it appeared on my screen while i wasn't doing anything at it but im still skeptical
  11. so i was doing homework when i saw i had (attached image) on my desktop, it was created 3 min ago aka when i was doing homework and it says http://prntscr.com/pei0bj its from another pc, any way i can do anything about this? bitdefender says theres no viruses
  12. also if there is something close to beyerdynamic dt 770 that has a detachable cable
  13. should i get 32ohm or 80? i don't have an amplifier nor dac
  14. ok well im trying to find a headset and this is my last try so this may be hard to understand because i'll say random stuff so basically i need a headset (maximum 170$), i play a dumb rhythm game and listen to songs overall or browse internet (youtube or twitch), basically i never play competitive games like cs competitively because i get angry easily and the only games i play are mostly singleplayer rarely basic multiplayer games (dota underlords, borderlands 2), detachable cable, i don't mind if it has no microphone, maybe something that can go low in bass? not extremely powerful but no