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  1. Raptrozz


    I bought, and installed the CM hyper, but now the system wont boot at all. What could be the problem?
  2. Raptrozz


    It worked, everything works fine. Thank you for your advice! Goes to a very high temperature though, will have to get a cooler. Would a CM hyper 212 fit in this particular mobo?
  3. Raptrozz


    Alright, i will try to do that. Will get back to you.
  4. Raptrozz


    Well, as i don't really understand much, this is the BIOS version.
  5. Raptrozz


    Hello, so i purchased a second hand i7-2600, to replace my i3-3220, but the system said a big no no, its starts to boot, then it restarts. The whole configuration is mobo: intel db75en ram: kingston 8gb x1 1333mhz i think gpu: r9 270 PSU: njoy 500sit an ssd on which windows is installed, and an hdd on which i store things. What could be the problem? Please help me out. p.s.: when i put back the i3-3220 the pc started, i think "without a problem" but i havent run a diagnostic yet
  6. It goes for around 10-20$ more.
  7. True, but with the ryzen i have to invest in a Mobo and ram as well so..
  8. I guess you're right, but i really have no budget at the moment to invest in a new one, and instead decided to replace the cpu
  9. 75$, while the i7-3770 in my country used goes for around 140
  10. Also, would a re-install of Windows be needed?
  11. half the price of a used i7-3770
  12. Hello everyone, will an i7-2600k work on a DB75EN motherboard? My current pc has an i3-3220, and I found an i7-2600k for a decent price, so my question is will it work? Please explain for dummies, thanks in advance.
  13. Big thanks to everyone for your advice! I think i'll stick with saving a bit more, and then deciding what to exactly build!
  14. I would like to ask u as well if it would be a better option to invest some extra money, and actually get a gtx1060, but with a Ryzen 5 1600 and 16gb RAM?
  15. Is a combination of Asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 and an i7-3770k good enough? In my country this exact combination(used) goes for around 150$, and is it worth it?