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  1. It's going to be a close call, money vs. politicians
  2. I almost want to say that Corona virus will be a thing of the past before we get gfx cards. https://www.proshop.de/RTX-30series-overview
  3. Prices are "from xxxx DKK" fra= from. Prices will change when shops have them in stock i guess.
  4. From at Danish tech site ala price runner. I have nerver seen this kind of "out of stock". https://www.edbpriser.dk/computer/hardware/grafikkort/
  5. we are being told what to accept, it's camoflaflated as things we "need" if you meat a person that is not on the web, how do you feel about that.
  6. To me, that opens the door to censorship. One thing to remember, we all talk publicly in private controlled spaces. Is there public spaces on the internet ? (haven't looked) But I guess it's like many other things, ex. a gas explosion is nothing you should get near, but in a controlled environment it's ok. A car Big corp might have found a way to cut out the private user, nothing new but big corp has better playgrounds now.
  7. Ok hehe The story is the most important here
  8. Summary Google flexes in a bad way. Quotes My thoughts All music is now Youtube Premium for me in Denmark. See pictures, picture 1 is for danish music and picture 2 is for international. Sources https://www.koda.dk/about-us/press-release-google-removes-all-danish-music-from-youtube
  9. @Leeuk spot on ...and it is on backorder as well ... Painfull to watch a well organized company put my order together ...all green and ready but one item .....my cool head is not cool but trying hehe. @Therandomness corsair 750rm gold....My take on overclock is if you need it buy it....stable for two weeks, point proven ...well my system needs to be rock on for more than two weeks...and i hate to say "i told you so" (we do that waaay to often in this realm) Personel note: Should I have done more ground work...well maybe ..@Djmoney that info i never got with my ground work...:)
  10. Hi guys Issue: will board - cooler - ram fit ?? Reason at the end of post board: Asus strix z270F Ram: corsair dominator CMD32GX4M4B3733C17 Case: fractal design s Cooler: saw a build with the cryorig h5 ultimate....so it must fit..easy peasy(same board) ...that cooler is on backorder..arghh so is the universal h5, so now I have to now what i'm doing damn it "hey you get a stock cooler use that ?? on a kayby lake 7700K ..wouldn't dare to post here then The rig is going to be used for a main rig..so all from heavy gaming to encoding but mostly gaming