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  1. Isnt it just in the OS files though as I created the Raid array in Disk Manager? I could try creating a raid array with a couple of USB's and try that out.
  2. my PC in the living room made from my old parts is an AMD Athlon 860k. i could try plugging the hard drives into that. Other Wise im going to need to buy that 8TB HDD ive been holding off for a while.
  3. Im going to be using the same drives in the same order just a new motherboard. It should just recognize in the OS right?
  4. Yeah I have a 120gb ssd which I used to have as my boot drive but now its just for games and I cloned it to my 500gb ssd. I have 2x2tb HDD in Raid 0 for games. Pretty nice for loading times. Need a new motherboard to get 5600x. Thanks for the responses. Was worried as it would be a big pain to mess about moving around 4tb of data.
  5. I just checked my bios and nothing there. Im fairly sure I set it up in Disk Management. I guess I can try it on my living room pc. Or might have to buy that 8TB hard drive ive been wanting.
  6. How do I know if I did software or hardware raid? Ima check my bios now.
  7. I have 4 drives. 2 ssd's and 2 hdd's 1 ssd has OS on, the other is just for games and the 2 HDD's are 2tb each and run in Raid 0. If I plugged those into the new motherboard and enabled Raid 0 would that format the drives?
  8. from the old lga 1150 socket. there is no way to not lose my data?
  9. Im looking to upgrading to the 5600x this year. I just thought of a problem. With a new motherboard is it possible to move my Rain 0 to the new mobo without losing my data? Thanks
  10. Ok I opened geforce experience and It updated fine today. very odd. Maybe it was that tiny update or something and they fixed it overnight. For both my friend and I to bluescreen is very weird. Should of got another to try haha.
  11. for me Alt+z wasnt working then searched it and opened it. It was updating then bluescreened. My friend I said see if it opens for you. Did the same for him.
  12. I dont remember unfortunately. Ive not touched anything in ages. I was just checking shadowplay settings by opening Geforce Experience then bluescreened. same with friend.
  13. I opened Ge force Experience. My pc blue screened. I tried opening again. I ask my friend can he open it. His pc blue screened. He trys again and bluescreens 2nd time. What is going on. I cant open it or uninstall it either now. Going to go to bed in a minute so sorry If I dont respond till tomorrow. Thanks for any responses.
  14. at 3:24 in the video what game is Colton playing please?
  15. I had to reset my phone. So damn stupid. Ive been using my phone for a year with no lock code.