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  1. Thanks for the Reply. Sorry should have already said, tried CMOS, no luck, tried different cable, tried different monitor, replaced card multiple times into different PC's (I'm pretty sure it is locked in correctly, I seem to be able to install my current GPU correctly). I will go and have a fiddle with the cable after I plug it in. All other cables are definitely plugged in correctly, as pc operates 100% normally with a different or no graphics card. I had another good look at the GPU pins, they look in perfect condition. I'll just put system specs, and I might be wro
  2. I built a new PC about 6 months ago now, but haven't gotten around to getting rid of my old PC until now. Since I'm planning on giving my old pc to my friend, I bought a flashy new case and a new HDD. So I've put everything back together, but it seems sitting around for 6 months had done something to the GPU. It is an EVGA GTX 1070 SC, and I'm 99.9% sure that it is the cause of the issue, as I did a GPU swap with my current PC, and the GPU from my current PC worked perfectly in the old build, however, the GPU from the old build (GTX 1070) still didn't work in my current build (meaning I know a
  3. thank you, even if it isn't exactly what i wanted to happen on my first build, we all make mistakes!,
  4. I undid all the cable managment trying to fix this problem, but thank you, also i changed the slot of the GPU when it started not to work, so that was not by choice
  5. I've tried 3 different monitors and they all do the same, I will try DVI if I can find a cable
  6. Hello, I just build my first pc, finished this morning. I plugged it into the monitor with the HDMI cable, turned it on and the monitor status changed from 'no cable' to 'no HDMI signal'. All of my system lights up, none of the LEDs on the motherboard that turn on when there is a problem are on, and on my motherboard there are 3 LEDs that show everything is booted up correctly, all three are on. I have taken out and put back in the graphics card twice, Ram once, tried to use onboard graphics, checked all cables are in, and it is still not working. Please help me! CASE C