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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from Eighjan in Vega 56 &/or HBM2 - pro's & con's.   
    No, I don't think you made a mistake in upgrading.  The 1050ti is not usually capable of running a 1440p monitor at high refresh rates.  The Vega 56 can do that, and the Pulse model is considered one of the best Vega 56 cards (usually only behind the Nitro, which was incredibly overpriced).  Maybe you're not getting high frame rates in AAA games, but definitely in more situations than a 1050ti. 
    The best comparison to a Vega 56 in terms of performance is usually a 1070, 980ti, or sometimes a 2060.  As far as I can tell, Vega has probably aged the best of all of these cards.  While at the time a 1070 is faster, a properly undervolted and overclocked Vega 56 seems to beat a 1070 in a lot of situations.  That being said, the 1070 does better in DX11 titles, emulation, and consumes a lot less power while doing it.  There are also general advantages to going NVIDIA, like NVENC for example, but in pure FPS in modern games it seems like Vega is a fine choice.  It does struggle in DX11, but DX12 and Vulcan are smooth sailing for the card, making it perform better in newer games than in older ones sometimes...  which is really weird.  Keep in mind this is just from my experiences using one and reading/watching online reviews.  I'm sure it does not represent 100% of real world scenarios.
    Typically I would suggest overclocking, undervolting, and maybe even VBIOS flashing to get the absolute most out of your Vega card.  However, due to the fact that we are in a GPU shortage at the moment, I don't want to suggest anything that could damage your card.  If in the future you are unhappy with the performance of your card, I suggest some overclocking and undervolting before you upgrade.  Generally, undervolting is safe to do and will just save you a little on your power bill while reducing heat, but do keep in mind the slight risk.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to Npiet1 in Xbox One Quick Resume?   
    Nah it was a feature on Xbox one too. It was a selling point of there's too, but only one game and then apps. The series X can do multiple titles.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to Sarra in Is It Possible To Fix Memory That Horribly Failed MemTest?   
    Take it to Best Buy and have it recycled, then buy a new stick. That's probably the best way, environmentally speaking, to 'fix' that RAM.
    I mean, you might try giving it more (or less?) voltage and see if that improves the error rates, but I'd guess that it's pretty much dead and gone by now.
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from Mister Woof in Cheap Motherboard Pairing for i5-10400F   
    I've found 3000mhz ram for cheaper than 2666mhz ram so I figure I'll just go with that and run it under stock speeds.
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from SavageNeo in Cheap Motherboard Pairing for i5-10400F   
    I've found 3000mhz ram for cheaper than 2666mhz ram so I figure I'll just go with that and run it under stock speeds.
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from Mister Woof in Cheap Motherboard Pairing for i5-10400F   
    I see now, there are multiple different sellers.  Amazon shows me the $125 price, maybe it has to do with shipping.  Thanks for the suggestion, the extra $10 off is very nice.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to lewdicrous in has Anthony been to college ?   
    Nah, he was born with a keyboard at hand. /s
    College isn't the be-all and end-all of knowledge, these are things that you can learn through books (and the internet as a whole). Practice is also very important.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to boggy77 in Your Aunt walks into a computer store, how would you want her advertised to?   
    it's difficult to put small diferences in plain language. if they are confused, they can ask and you can answer I guess.
    not sure how I would express the difference between 6gb ram and 8gb ram in layman's terms (maybe saying 60 chrome tabs vs 80 chrome tabs), but that doesn't really paint a realistic picture.
    for ssds and hdds you can say something like fast but small  vs slow but large
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to boggy77 in Your Aunt walks into a computer store, how would you want her advertised to?   
    you can have a tag with "good for:office, web browsing, youtube", or "good for: light gaming, light photoshop", or "good for: heavy gaming, streaming, editing"
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to LogicalDrm in Cheap Air Cooler for LGA 1150 Overclocking   
    After edits. All mentioned are good coolers. This would be my picking order:
    Artic eSports (any) Gammaxx 400 212 (any)
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from Ar558a in Should A Cooler Move Around? (Video Provided)   
    Yeeaaaah, so putting the stock cooler back on with new thermal paste made my thermals go from 100 degrees Celsius after 3 minutes of AIDA to 65 degrees Celsius after 3 minutes...  definitely a noticeable improvement.  
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to MorbidAngel in Should A Cooler Move Around? (Video Provided)   
    It's definitely something to order over since the temps are bad and your cooler is literally moving around, I personally wouldn't even use it until it's fixed but if you have no choice then just order some thermal paste ASAP and fix it when it arrives.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to minibois in guys i have got a way to defeat the bots and scalpers   
    The whole idea behind eBay is being a free market.
    Limiting the prices, especially based on buying amount is not what its intended use is.
    What you are essentially proposing is an MSRP on eBay, which it doesn't work like that, since eBay sellers have no obligations from the manufacturer to follow said manufacturer suggested retail pricing.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to Dedayog in guys i have got a way to defeat the bots and scalpers   
    Are you insane?  That's the entire basis for Ebay.
    Do you want to be told you have to sell ANYTHING online for a set price?
    No.  Ebay is an auction listing service.  Period.  Leave it alone.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to Eschew in Ultra Cheap Hot Swappable Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Options?   
    Ah, wait wait wait, the GMMK isn't wireless, not sure why my brain thought it was. (And I should know this, sporting a GMMK m'self!) For Compact and TKL sizes, the cable is detachable, but it needs to be plugged in for the keyboard to work. My bad, I'll edit my previous post. 😅
    You're welcome, though! Happy to help. 😁
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to Eschew in Ultra Cheap Hot Swappable Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Options?   
    Hey there. There are wireless, hot-swappable keyboards out there, but that $75 budget limit is a little difficult to accommodate. 😅 Here's what I managed to scrounge up, but note that none of them fit all of your requirements (wireless, hot-swappable, non-optical switches, and a full keyboard under $75):
    The GMMK (Barebones) available on Glorious PC Gaming Race for $59.99: Wired, hot-swappable, and uses non-optical switches. Switches and keycaps can be included, but cost extra. GK61xs Keyboard Kit available on Amazon for $70 or on Aliexpress for $70 (New Users: $2 Coupon): Wireless, hot-swappable, and uses non-optical switches. Does not include switches or keycaps. GK66 available on Banggood for $87.40 (New Users: $20 Coupon): Wireless, hot-swappable, and is an assembled keyboard, but uses Gateron Optical switches. GK84 available on KPrepublic for $179.00: Wireless, hot-swappable, uses non-optical switches, and is an assembled keyboard. Way over your budget.
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from Eschew in Ultra Cheap Hot Swappable Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Options?   
    Awesome, thanks for this!  I don't mind not including switches as chances are I didn't want the stock switches anyways, and I've got a couple keyboards with keycaps I could (at least temporarily) use, so this list is awesome for me!  Thank you so much.  I've been looking for the past couple days but I'm pretty new to this and honestly, you did a lot better than I did in 3 days in under an hour.
    I'll definitely be looking at the GMMK barebones, seems like great value.  Thank you again!
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to geo3 in Mechanical Keyboard for MacBook Pro   
    You can get an entire soldering kit for under $20. I've been using that one for years to make all my custom keyboards. And soldering is easy to learn. I got everything I need from a 5 min Youtube tutorial. 
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to kirashi in Which Mechanical keyboard switch to get!? Blue or Red (for work/gaming)   
    While I've only ever owned Cherry MX Brown keyboards with rubber o-ring dampeners, I have used both MX Red and MX Blue keyboards for extended periods of time in the past, either at friends' places or when I used to sell this stuff in a retail store.
    MX Blues are straight up not for me, as they're far too noisy and feel very aggressive when I'm using them - I do see the appeal though for those who enjoy an "angry" sound when fragging noobs in online games. MX Reds are nice and quiet, but have no tactile feedback when actuating, creating a very disconnected feeling when I use them for extended periods of typing. (I do web design & some light development as well.) MX Browns are my favorite because they feel like more beefy versions of rubber dome / membrane keys, but have better consistency and longevity over extended periods of typing, all without making a racket.  
    However, as @Slottr noted, the only person who can really tell you what works best is you, so I would recommend seeing if a local shop will let you try a few display models (assuming you have local shops open right now, given the pandemic) or pickup a Cherry MX sampler like one of the ones linked below.
    https://www.amazon.com/Max-Keyboard-Mechanical-Keyboards-keyswtich/dp/B07ZK6LKZL/ https://www.amazon.com/WASD-Cherry-Zealio-Keycaps-Sampler/dp/B07V4H646W/ https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-keyboards-Switch-keyboard-Sampler/dp/B01G3BJOHO/
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from HairlessMonkeyBoy in Cleaning Glue Out Of Mechanical Keyboard Switches   
    70% isopropyl (what I had on hand) did the trick for me!  It look three sessions of pouring a small amount in to the switch and blowing it out with compressed air.  Some of them feel almost normal but have a dampened sound, and others feel a little weird, however all keys now work properly!  I'm sure if I cared I could make some of them better, but every letter and common modifier keys feel absolutely perfect!  Thanks so much.  
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in Cleaning Glue Out Of Mechanical Keyboard Switches   
    Used isopropyl the other day to clean some spilled coffee 😅 out of my Corsair Strafe. Worked great.
    Dishwasher probably won't do it.
    You will need a lot of alcohol to undo the glue I think....
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    AdvocateOfNyx got a reaction from zeusthemoose in How To Stop Texts From Blocked Contacts From Appearing After Phone Reboot on Android   
    Text messages have been solved using the method that the guy said worked for him in the post!  However she also told me she still has calls that haven't been deleted.  Going to try the other suggestion and see how it goes on the call front.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to williamcll in OLED dark mode   
    nah this looks better, I don't quite get this site's styles so I can't get the text boxes to be darker

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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to BuckGup in OLED dark mode   
    For OLED I think it has to be true black otherwise the pixel will technically still be on. But there are some shades of black that are used instead as true black on an LCD uses more power than pure white apparently.
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    AdvocateOfNyx reacted to BuckGup in with OLED tv's on the rise, could light guns make a comeback?   
    I highly doubt it as we have much better technology that isn't as primitive. I'm sure you could do it again and it would be very low power but there are better options that are more precise.