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  1. I sadly don't think that is an option, however if you choose to purchase some of the newer COD games they do have a singleplayer campaign you can play.
  2. I use Greenshot, easiest way to upload to imgur and share.
  3. Hard vouch, cannot say enough how much I love this game and wish it was bigger. Playing it with friends is an awesome memory, the game just feels so good.
  4. No, I don't think you made a mistake in upgrading. The 1050ti is not usually capable of running a 1440p monitor at high refresh rates. The Vega 56 can do that, and the Pulse model is considered one of the best Vega 56 cards (usually only behind the Nitro, which was incredibly overpriced). Maybe you're not getting high frame rates in AAA games, but definitely in more situations than a 1050ti. The best comparison to a Vega 56 in terms of performance is usually a 1070, 980ti, or sometimes a 2060. As far as I can tell, Vega has probably aged the best of all of these cards. While
  5. This is a rather old post but I did in fact end up buying them for the low price of around $50 USD and love them. They compare nicely to XM3s at a literal fraction of the price!
  6. I installed the little mobo speaker thing to the chassis speaker to try to hear the beep code and it just works now. This isn't really a solution but I don't know what caused it so... that's all I changed.
  7. I have a system that was working perfectly fine yesterday which seems to have run in to some issues overnight. It was working fine at like 11pm yesterday, although I did get an "error: memory management" BSOD the other day (I figured this was due to my CPU/memory overclock, I was playing Apex which is always really difficult on my system), however I restarted my computer after that and continued to use it without a problem. The first problem I noticed was that neither of my monitors were turning on. I restarted my system and had the same issue, however I managed to get one workin
  8. Samsung indeed does use Wacom stuff, and I absolutely understand the difference between true stylus support and a capacitive stylus. I have both.
  9. It seems like it does have palm rejection, do you mean something different?
  10. Noted, definitely going to wait to see what the S7 Lite offers (at the very least to lower the price of other tablets). I've bought too many apps in the Play Store to switch to iOS now... I'm also not sure I'd want to live without some certain apks I use all the time, so I'd like to stick to Android. I'm handwriting homework/notes, using it as a "laptop-like" device (with a keyboard cover) to do basic school assignments while in class/out and about (Samsung DeX is exactly what I want here), probably playing some basic games to keep me entertained (think like Bloons and
  11. I see, sorry for the confusion. I said I did my in person schoolwork on it, but I have a desktop that I can use for schoolwork in the time I don't have a tablet. Additionally, I have an old crappy laptop that I COULD use in case of emergency. Not worried about not having a computer, just asking about suggestions as to if an Android tablet would do a better job of what I need than my current tablet.
  12. What would take weeks? Selling it? My plan is basically to throw it on eBay/Marketplace and wait for someone to buy it for the right price, so I'm not too worried about that.
  13. I currently have a Windows tablet with a keyboard cover and pen (Acer Switch Alpha 12). I was using it for note taking at school, but I have not had in person classes since last year due to covid. I don't have any particular issue with it other than the pen and touch inputs both being absolutely horrendous, but for a pen-and-paper-like note taking device, that's kind of a big deal. The new Galaxy Tab S7 Lite is rumored to be coming out soon & I feel like either that or the S6 Lite (post price drops) would probably do a better job for content consumption and note taking, but w
  14. I see, thank you for clarification.
  15. I've had an Xbox One for a few years now and never really used it regularly, but I started a Skyrim save on my phone using Xbox cloud gaming so I have been using it continue playing. I went back to the main menu of the console, powered it off (not completely off, just by waving my hand in front of it to put it in to hibernation) and left it alone for about 24 hours. When I turned it back on, it put me right back in the game in the exact spot I was before instantly. I'm a little confused as I thought this was a major feature advertised in next gen consoles. Am I misunderstanding something o
  16. I have a Galaxy S10, but I will say the Google Messages app is just a liiiitle slower now than it was before. I believe that is because 90,000+ of these texts are with one person, so that particular conversation is slow when loading.
  17. I was using Signal for both encrypted messaging and SMS, but decided to separate the two for simplicity. I exported my texts and found out that I have over 100,000 texts on my phone. While I imagine there are plenty of people with more than that, I was wondering if at some point there is a legitimate reason (other than security I suppose) to delete them? Would I see slowdowns or run in to issues from "too many" texts?
  18. I have a 2x8GB kit of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 CL16 memory. It was used in a friend's Ryzen 5 3600 build where he had memory issues. Since I helped him build the system, he passed it along to me when he ordered new RAM. This was a while ago and afaik the RAM is not able to be RMAed. I ran MemTest with both sticks and it went horribly, but I was able to isolate the one stick that was causing all the errors. Almost every single value that was read turned up as an error. It failed the test in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The system also wouldn't post with the RAM running @ 3200mhz.
  19. I was hoping that, but they have a microATX motherboard with only two memory slots so there isn't really a "wrong" slot. Additionally, the errors persisted with XMP on or off and without any CPU overclock.
  20. Possibly, but I'm not the person who bought it and I don't have proof of purchase. It's been a while now and they're way past it since they already have new/working memory. I wouldn't really want to bother them about it since they didn't care enough to do it for themselves.
  21. Recently I helped someone build a PC. They got some decently fast DDR4 RAM, but found that they kept getting blue screen crashes relating to their memory. They went ahead and ordered new RAM because they had thrown out the box & all warranty information from their parts (even though I warned them not to). I was given the sticks of "defective" RAM as a thank you and told that I could try to fix them if I liked since said person had no interest in trying. I don't have a motherboard that supports DDR4 RAM so I can't do any testing at the moment, but I'm considering upgrading my i5-4670k t
  22. I've found 3000mhz ram for cheaper than 2666mhz ram so I figure I'll just go with that and run it under stock speeds.
  23. I see now, there are multiple different sellers. Amazon shows me the $125 price, maybe it has to do with shipping. Thanks for the suggestion, the extra $10 off is very nice.
  24. That say's it's $126, is it the wrong link or have the prices just changed? Edit: Found the H410M on eBay for around $75, the same price as the B460M.
  25. Literally looking for the cheapest motherboard with an M.2 slot, preferably 4 RAM slots, and that won't cause a fire. I have a mid tower ATX case so pretty much any size is acceptable, but bigger in this case is probably better for feature support. I took a look at PCPartPicker and sorted by price low to high finding this ASRock B460M-HDV Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard for around $75, but was wondering if there might be anything cheaper/around that price and is relatively well regarded because this board only has two RAM slots on it. If I look for 4 RAM slots, I find something more like ASRo