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  1. Got a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix with a leaky hardline Power Steering tube. Repair is gonna cost $3-400 depending on the shop, since they're just replacing the tube.


    Since it's just a pinhole leak (for now), can I put some sort of adhesive around the line temporarily (temporary is relative) to fix the leak? As of now, a fluid refill gets me about 10 minutes of power steering until I have to dump another $2 of liquid in there.


    Can I duct tape it enough to drive it 30 miles to a really nice and cheap garage? Does power steering liquid eat through duct tape?


    Inb4 duct tape on pressurized parts warning. It already leaks, whats extra tape gonna do to harm it?

  2. I just assembled a Ryzen system and the POST and boot time is incredibly slow. More often than not, a CMOS reset is necessary to get to Windows. Once it's at the desktop it's incredibly fast.


    I know for a fact that the BIOS version is out of date.


    Obligatory specs:

    • AMD Ryzen 7 1700
    • MSI X370 SLI PLUS
    • R9 270 (lol)
    • 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 (underclocked at 2133 since it's unstable past that)
    • EVGA 500B

    The BIOS version is E7A33AMS.300, build date 03/09/2017 (9th of March, 2017 for our international friends). Is a BIOS update all I really need to get it more stable? I can't use Game Boost or overclock my RAM past 2133 "optimised defaults" or it won't POST.



  3. I'm looking for an OTG cable to charge my phone instead of the device. The device is battery powered, so the cable only needs to transmit information, and I'd like to charge my phone at the same time.


    I'm setting up a VR station using a cell phone, which is hooked up to a controller. Since it'll be used for several hours, I'd like to have the phone charging during some of it so I don't have to pause to charge it back up, however every OTG splitter I've ever found only charges the slave device and not the host (the phone). Is there a way to charge your phone (and) instead of the external device? 


    I've found some YouTube tutorials for janky DIY methods that I really do not want to use. Anything is appreciated.

  4. Just now, typographie said:

    In general you are correct. It is possible to save your game data and share that with a friend, but all that may do is save them from having to go through the download themselves. They would still have to own the game on their Steam account to actually play it.



    There is Family Sharing, which I haven't used personally but apparently does allow someone else to play your games through Steam under certain conditions.

    I use Family Sharing because my brother doesn't have a PC and I do. Since we live together, we're the perfect choice for Family Sharing. If you have a friend with his/her own PC and library and you play together, it is NOT recommended to use Family Sharing.

  5. All you can do with Steam when it comes to game sharing is the Family Sharing plan, which is very restrictive. When you both enable Family Sharing (Steam Family Sharing Article), your libraries are "shared" and only accessible to one person at a time. If you share your 1000 games with your friend who has 5 games, you can each only play any of the 1005 games when the other is not playing. It's so there aren't large accounts with many games that people can buy access to.


    TL;DR you cannot move steam game keys.

  6. 3 minutes ago, fastcar123 said:

    Yea, I really don't want that to be the problem. but it very well could be. I never registered the card with Sapphire. You think I still have a warranty? it was bough less than a year ago. right about the time they hit the shelves (August was it?)

    You can register your card any time within the Warranty as long as you still have the box and serial number. The serial number may be on a sticker on the card itself or on a piece of documentation inside the box.


    I actually don't know for sure because I never registered my GPU either.

  7. Our phones can connect to cellular antennas easily enough from quite a distance. Even if the nearest tower is 30km away, you'll still get signal. I believe modern phones can do that, but many routers don't have the range due to being consumer grade or being poor quality (or both!).

  8. I'd recommend seeing if you can snipe a good modular or semi-modular PSU. I have that exact PSU and there are so many wires cable management will be damn near impossible.


    Otherwise that's a solid looking build, assuming you have an OS.