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  1. Hi, I have AOC E970sw monitors for office use and would like them to be mounted on the wall. Based on the user-manual and the website's info, this monitor is capable of it. However, upon checking the back panel, I found out that the supposedly screw-holes are blocked. At first, I thought these were rubber blocks but apparently are not. Tried searching for answers but couldn't find any on the internet. All of them just say that this monitor is capable for wall-mounting. Is there anyone out here who can help me? Thank you. Pic added.
  2. Good read, thanks. I've tried three programs to see the temp, idle/ loaded. All three can't even reach the ambient/ room temperature and yea upon touching it's not really hot. So I would like to know more why I still get unwanted shutdowns.. What could possibly be causing all this, Sir?
  3. Yeah, probably. I also tried to tap the heatsink fan and surprisingly, it's not really hot. I'm just wondering why it still surprises me with unwanted shutdown though.
  4. I have an A4-5300 CPU, which is pretty old yeah. I applied new thermal compound and changed its PSU to a new one. However, I left a few mins ago with this PC on while view a live gameplay from Dota 2. I did this just to test whether or not I will still experience unwanted shutdowns. Sadly, when I came back the PC was turned off so I was thinking there's probably still a problem. Upon checking the CPU temperature, I'm REMARKABLY alarmed and awed with the idle temperature that boils down to as low as 8 °C. I attached a screenshot of the desktop with the running game of DotA 2 but why
  5. Thanks, Sir. Now I'm elightened and am using the 1366 x 768 reso on my desktop. For my games, I set them to 1280 x 720p specifically to avoid blurred text.
  6. Thanks for responding quickly, Sir. I tried the 1920x1080 display but I get a blurry display which makes it uncomfortable to use. SyncMaster SA100, this Samsung Monitor has a fixed 1366 x 768 HD (not full HD) monitor on a VGA display. I'm just wondering why I don't see any recommended SCREEN resolution as well.
  7. @Kierax Hi, Sir. Sorry to bother you.. maybe you can help shed light with this? Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm seeking further knowledge with regards to screen resolutions particularly the so-called NATIVE resolution. I have a GTX 750ti graphics card which requires me to use DVI or a mini-HDMI cable (NO VGA OUTPUT). The monitor I'm using is Samsung SyncMaster SA100 1366 x 768 HD with VGA capability ==> this made me use an adapter, a VGA->DVI adapter for my monitor & vcard to work together. Now, upon checking my NATIVE RESOLUTION, I found out that I only have 1024 x 768 (as seen in the picture). Undeniably, on my part, when I set it to the native on
  9. Thanks, guys. Now I'm having some issues with my native resolution. Will create a new thread regarding this. Strange native reso
  10. Okay, Sir. I'm looking on how to mark this one as solved. Meanwhile, I posted another concern here's the link
  11. Hi. When exactly is it advisable to turn VSYNC on? I play DOTA 2 with VSYNC off and I kinda notice turning it on while playing a single game and I felt better gaming performance.. or is it? Turned off: 70-90fps with 100+ max Turned on: 59-60fps with the lowest of 56 I have a Samsung SyncMaster monitor (not really a gaming monitor) with 1366 x 768 HD resolution (not FULL HD) and 60Hz refresh rate. The problem that I encountered now is that when I'm in the GAME MENU of Dota 2, I get a locked FPS count of 30 (HALF MY VSYNCed fps count) My Maximum fps
  12. Just want to say thank you to all the people here who helped. Have a nice day! Upgraded to an i5 from my old i3 processor. Everything is now smoothly working.