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    R5 1600x
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    MSI x370 gaming pro carbon
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    16gb gskill ddr4
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  1. Terrible to hear, thoughts to all the LTT crew and Tyler's family. Off topic I know but I went through a lot of issues a few years ago, and the daily LTT videos and updates from all the guys there was one of the only things that gave me something to smile about everyday without fail. I hope that Tyler's family and everyone at LMG knows that they make a bigger difference than they may think to a lot of people! RIP Tyler
  2. I work in the IT dept for a recruitment company in the UK. We tend to issue Dell Latitude and optiplex machines, ranging from Sandybridge era to Haswell era machines. Have been pushing to take some new hardware on-board, but in fairness with recent SSD and RAM upgrades the machines are plenty capable of the basic web browsing, web processing and excel work most workers demand.
  3. It was a stupid move, their argument was it was a homebrew DS game, therefore as an unsigned game it was encouraging a form of piracry. It was such an annoying thing to argue he just switched to Virgin Media, ended up saving some money on his Broadband and moved on with his life.
  4. I had a friend who was sharing a homebrew game he wrote through a torrent (completely legit, it was code he had created and owned the rights to). His internet was disconnected by his ISP Sky, as "torrenting in any form is promoting and enabling piracy." - Because heaven forbid anyone wants to share opensource code using torrents
  5. Could you use a small heat exchanger or hvac to cool the air to sub ambient before entering the laptop? Though I guess the noise, power consumption and expense of this would be prohibitive! Thought it would be cool to see it
  6. If they have a plugin for word give it a go! I personally just like Libre Office and am a bit of a nerd for the whole open source thing! TBH the bit I have found most useful is the way you can use the browser plugin to add references on the fly. I would advise you to try a couple of different referencing tools and see which ones work best for you, there are a lot of good ones out there and everyone has a preference depending on how they work.
  7. I've used Zotero for a couple years now, it's the best referencing tool I've tried and it has a really nice integration with Libre Office, it's definitely worth a go
  8. I'm glad there are more x86 SBC's starting to hit the market, I think something like this would be great for a low power small form factor storage server or media server, particularly with the inclusion of M.2 and SATA
  9. I know, there have been a few cases of it being utilised in the UK, but it's mostly for big b2b stuff, rather than the broader consumer lawsuits you often get in the US, that's why I wondered if it might come into play here, due to O2 having a lot of deals with secondary carriers and larger businesses for failover broadband etc
  10. For individual users yeah, but giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile etc run on O2's networks, and were therefore affected, also many companies use 4G broadband for remote locations due to the often patchy fibre coverage in areas of the UK.
  11. In the past they were, but for consumer and b2b sales and contracts they were introduced into law in the 2015 Consumer Rights Act
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46464730 https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/o2-down-compensation-free-credit-refund-airtime-package-4g-data-internet-a8672281.html I hadn't seen any mention of this on the forum yet so thought I'd start a topic. One of the 4 main cellular network providers in the UK had a day long outage nationwide yesterday. I'd be interested to see what backlash or potential class action lawsuits come out of this.
  13. I know its an obvious question, but have you considered what sort of CPU core allocation you want/need for each individual VM, and what sort of network interface speed would be required?
  14. Or you could explore using swap files and something like Intel Optane in order to minimise the load on RAM. However I agree that is does seem like a bit of a crazy solution!! We ended up having to do a similar thing in the business I work for, but that was due to a limitation of an old software suite the business was unwilling to replace and whose manufacturer had gone bust! Having gone down this road I would advise you to talk to the Devs if they are still around.
  15. I personally like KDE Neon, but it's really a preference thing, I would hop between a couple of different distros until you find one you click with