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  1. Lol just realised.. Consequences of not having the best english lol
  2. 4. For what things would I need the extra sata ports? 8. I'll check some reviews, what are the major differences between this, S340 and S340 elite? Surely pick 212 evo then, thanks. About the ramsticks I'll probably stick with either corsair LED or TridentZ just because they look really cool and I really want my build to look very good aestethically speaking. About the SSD it probably depends on what impact does it have on the build to get those 2 sata ports blockes by the M2 one because budget is not a big an obstacle for me because I don't really have a major rush on get
  3. Hello, this is my first build and I wanted to ask any modifications you think should I do or if it's just fine, and some other questions. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/P7yJBP This is going to be mainly for heavy gaming and maybe some video edition. I also want to add that I know i could maybe swap some thing and get it a bit cheaper (for example ramsticks, case fans) but I want a black and red theme so that's why I chose this components. I also maybe would like to add some led lightning in the inside of the case in the future. Questions: 1) Will it work nicely for what I want it to? Will