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    Yukha reacted to Haro in Mix 2 2x8GB CJR Kit with different PCB rev   
    Good luck
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    Yukha reacted to Robchil in Adding 2x8GB or 16GB RAM?   
    yes you loose your advantage of dual channel with 1 stick, 
    you will have to look in your mainboard manual what configurations are available. if you already have 2x8GB i'm not sure it will support 1 stick in the second channel. 
    Edit: it supports 1, 2 or 4 dimms.... so no singel stick unless you have no other 
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    Yukha reacted to Enderman in Adding 2x8GB or 16GB RAM?   
    I'd do 2x8 for a total of 4x8 sticks.
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    Yukha reacted to Streetguru in GPU Usage Low!   
    That would be why your GPU is at 85C...If the case doesn't have front mesh with fans just try taking off a side panel to see what that does for the temps and probably move it somewhere it can actually get air.
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    Yukha reacted to Anghammarad in burnt smell but no trace   
    DQ1 and DQ2 look damaged... with the SMD in between... 
    Don't know if the dirt caused that... but for "dirt" ... clean your computers inside once a year in the spring ? your system will thank you by running longer and cooler.  Even if this Tipp may be a little late...
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    Yukha got a reaction from Anghammarad in burnt smell but no trace   
    rip i'm planning to buy new system anyway, but what's the causes, i'm scared if my new psu is the culprit
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    Yukha reacted to 5x5 in 1300w Gold PSU only 70 USD!?   
    That's a great unit for carpet bombing an enemy front. Not good for powering a pc, though.
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    Yukha reacted to Sakkura in When PCI lane bottlenecked   
    The PCIe bandwidth is how fast the GPU can talk to the CPU (eg. delivering new data for the GPU to work with). The GPU memory bandwidth is how fast the GPU can get data from its own memory.
    The latter needs to be significantly higher for optimal performance. PCIe bandwidth is not super important in most applications, though deep learning isn't really typically benchmarked.
    Here is an article about how the RTX 2080 Ti scales with PCIe bandwidth in games. As you can see, dropping from PCIe 3.0 x16 to PCIe 3.0 x8 (which gives the same bandwidth as PCIe 2.0 x16) makes only a negligible difference. It would be even smaller with a 2060 Super.
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    Yukha reacted to LukeSavenije in When PCI lane bottlenecked   
    a 2060 can run off 16x 2.0
    only the titan v and 2080 ti have shown to be actually be a little bottlenecked by it
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    Yukha reacted to You_are_a_cunt in Computer Screen Freeze while playing youtube   
    run a S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic on the drive and see if it points out any faults, then run a defrag/chkdsk. Might just be a hiccup in the paging on the drive or a bad sector.
    Could be nothing or could be the beginning of the end for that drive (which can take years. I still have 120 gig drives that have degraded to the point that they're essentially 80 gig drives now and still going strong on 24/7 operation)
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    Yukha reacted to Alesek in Will my mobo kill new GPU ?   
    it will work but clean your cpu cooler please...