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  1. override SoC voltage to 1.1v - 1.15v and DRAM 1.35v should be enough for 3200 MHz or lower maybe tune down the sub-timing, your XMP profile could be too tight.. try 16-18-18-18-36 or higher
  2. thanks mate, i will continue again next weekend.. i'm on wfh so i don't have any time to troubleshoot more i will stick for 3200 cl14 in the meantime
  3. I'd rather loosen the timing a bit, I'm kinda scared to use soc higher than 1.1 so as long i get the right setting, i can get 3600MHz stable on 4x8 right?
  4. Mate, i just bought Patriot Viper 4 Blackout 3600Mhz 2x8GB Kit inorder to double my memory size to 32GB (I'm using KLEVV Bolt X 2x8GB).. They're same CJR from SK Hynix but i think they have different bin quality, their PCB rev is different too, Klevv is A2 and T-Force is A0. On XMP 3200 MHz 16 18 18 38, i can get to windows but memtest return 1 error after a few minutes I already tried using DRAM Calculator and pick highest timing possible on 3600MHz setting, but my pc immediately beeping.. Do i have to loosen the timing again or they're essentially could not
  5. woah i never thought of my motherboard compatibility before, i thought i could use 3 sticks.. so it's better to buy 2x8.. thanks mate
  6. Hi, i'm considering adding more 16GB of RAM on my 2x8GB RAM + MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX.( I'm junior data scientist and 16GB is not enough for me ) The thing is, i'm not very sure how big the impact if i buy single stick 16GB RAM. Am i losing the advantage of dual channel? Here's some configuration that i have in my mind 1. 4x8GB (should be dual channel and i have to resell when i want to upgrade again) 2. 2x8GB on A2 B2 and 16GB on B1 3. 2x8GB on A1 A2 and 16GB on B1 What's the best configuration do you think?
  7. ikr : / their fan is stupidly fast but couldn't cool enough heat on rtx
  8. you're mental dude.. hope it'll be fit nicely
  9. I just bought inno3d rtx 2060 super twin x2 last week, but i just found out about the ugly side of this card today, 1. static noise type coil whine on 3d works 2. sudden speed gpu fan when starting on fan from 0 rpm unnecessarily to 2500-3000 rpm first then slowing down to target rpm 3. this card is hot af 4.60% fan speed / 2200 rpm equals ears r*pe so my question is, is it normal? if it is, does changing fan curve to stay at least 5-10% will help my problem and still prolong the life of my gpu or it will decrease it? thank you here it is my curren
  10. on sensors tab, there's perfcap reason what manufacturer is it? it's weird if 50%+ is audible, my opinion is you have to sacrifice a bit, like pump up to 60% or lower the power.. but 85 C is pretty normal on 2070..
  11. try set the fan curve, 50% on 85C is too low.. maybe you can try download gpu-z to monitor what's the throttle caused by
  12. i can't find any information about what motherboard they use, part manufacturer beside cpu.. but overall i think it's expensive, you can get pc with 2080 super or TI with 2280 eur
  13. updated : mine doesn't stay at 1.4v longer after set CoolNQuiet on BIOS enabled + Windows power plan to AMD Ryzen Balanced.. it will stay at 1.v on idle and randomly spiking to 1.3-4v when small task happens.. it turns out 1.4v only happens on single core computation, when all core is busy, vcore will stay at 1.35v Temp still high on wraith, 80-90C on continuous Cinebench benchmark and idle at 35-45C.. i'm planning to attach Deepcool Gammaxx 400, but still concerning about its clipping mechanism quite risky..
  14. i hope Ryzen Master shows real one, but temp on BIOS is really woke me up, my old pc is burnt