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  1. there should be a 6+2 connector on the card so check if there is a 6+2 connector on the power supply.
  2. anyone know of a cheap D5 pump (used or new) and were to get one? the only requirements are that it has to be a D5 pump and it has to be made by a reputable manufacturer.
  3. but if i got that and a d5 pump would it work or do i need a pump top?
  4. https://www.amazon.com/XSPC-D5-Tank-Reservoir-V3/dp/B01BA4VU1M/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1483378190&sr=8-8&keywords=pump+reservoir+combo#HLCXComparisonWidget_feature_div if i was going to not do a pump res combo with this res do i only need a pump or do i need to get a pump top?
  5. for psu Corsair or EVGA. for a GPU get a gtx 1080 or titan x. ssd I suggest kingston or seagate. heatsink corsair H series liquid cooling.
  6. should I get a used reservoir because ek are the only people selling it and it costs $85 BUT... it has $20 tax and $5 shipping
  7. WAIT A SECOND... I have been searching child pornography every day of my life with duck duck go because they say duckduckgo is all about "privacy"
  8. deepcool dukase liquid http://www.gamerstorm.com/product/CASES/2016-12/1288_6346.shtml
  9. wait till next year when nvidia has competition so they have to step up there game.
  10. I have been waiting 2 days for it to be moderated is this normal?
  11. visit http://camelcamelcamel.com/EVGA-GeForce-Founders-Graphics-08G-P4-6180-KR/product/B01FWI6F08?context=browse to see price chart
  12. what would intel hd graphics be similar to a real graphics card?
  13. the only reason the 10 series cards were twice as fast as the 9 series cards is because nvidia switched from maxwell (old architecture) to Polaris (new)
  14. you don't need the hdd so that should save you $60
  15. no idea because 4000 amd cores = 1700 Intel cores