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  1. I JUST got a gtx 1070 and Microsoft releases details of project scorpio. I realized that they where marketing to the pc master race in the advertisement for it, saying stuff like "6 teraflops of computing power", stuff that only a pc gamer would understand. i just wanted to know how scorpio would compare to my pc because i just spent a lot of money on it.
  2. this video has 31 views and 136 likes a bit weird. yes, I know that there is probably some sort of delay in views, just to be clear I am not an idiot.
  3. whats wrong with userbenchmark? I havent heard of it before this thread.
  4. 1050 ti some specs of your system would be nice
  5. Apple sells shit products that "look nice" and only sell because of that and their bullshit advertising (such as mac vs pc ads) i remember one mac vs pc ad in which they say that vista runs on mac faster than pc. Bullshit. "Pc's us parts from different manufacturers so they are less reliable. Bullshit.
  6. Anybody know of any rgb fittings other than thermaltakes? (I think there to pricy for me)
  7. Just get a 1080 monitor. Also what Gpu do you have?
  8. But what if I already bought a res? I have the xspc tank 3 as a res.
  9. My dad has a i7 970k and it destroys in cinebench. Trust me if you want power for the least money I recommend a i7 940 and you can upgrade later to a i7 970k. (Did I mention the 970k has 6 cores?)
  10. https://modmymods.com/barrow-g1-4-thread-3-8-id-x-5-8-od-compression-fitting-black-thkn-3-8-v3.html would that work?
  11. I7 970k would be the best preforming by far being able to over lock and it also has 6 cores but you have to get one off of eBay
  12. Intel core i5 6400 should be able to find one of those for pretty cheap or i7 970k which will be the best preforming for the price range because it gets 600s in cinebench but motherboards are hard to find.
  13. Try to over clock it just to see if it is actually plugged in because it could be in wrong and will not connect to the pc so you might be running on built in graphics.
  14. I used ek's custom loop configurator and it recommends Ek-ACF Fitting 10/13mm - Black fittings. I was just wondering if there where cheaper fitting for around the same quality or better fittings for about the same price.
  15. thanks, but is overclocking your monitor a smart thing to do?