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  1. You could probably make .0000003 cents per day off those. Not to mention they are power hungry. You can still believe though
  2. If your making a gaming pc don't go with any amd cpu that's not ryzen.
  3. Well get that guy to talk about damn robots again it was entertaining
  4. The Lego boost is out and Id love to seen him talk about it. Just fun to watch grown men talk about robots ya know?
  5. I have a 1 8GB stick in my pc and no the gpu is not set to silent.
  6. If you cut away those untrue prices you have enough to fit in a GTX 1080
  7. Also are you just using this for gaming, because adding a 120gb ssd for $80 is overkill. Do you really need 5TBS of storage? A gtx 1070 costs almost the same as that 1060. POWERSUPPY IS WAY too overkill you don't need a $200 power supply for a cpu and one gpu ok? Monitor ok? Also the pc part picker prices are bloated from the mining don't use them
  8. Where are you getting these high prices??? $300 for a gtx 1060, and 500 for a i7
  9. 670 is old but still works, it actually is about the same power of a RX 460 which is not gonna be great for modern games. Just save up and get a 7 or a 9 series gpu.
  10. Thanks for the recommendations but I can rule out its not a bottleneck or performance issue, on lowest settings vsync on with 60 fps it still happens. And there is no heat issue with my card as it stays at 60 C. And no its not an issue in scenes its in the whole game.
  11. Of course I have tried that. Helps a bit but issue still occurs