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  1. I'll give it a go first but pc parts picker warned against it considering there's a rtx 2080 super, do you think it would draw a high current
  2. OK thanks, this will mean I will have to get another power supply (oops)
  3. damn I wouldn't want to do this and risk breaking anything. I'm far too shaky to be messing with pins lool thanks for the suggestion but I don't trust myself to do this
  4. Recently I've been looking at new parts and planning an upgrade but the new Z390 motherboards require 8pin + 4pin cpu connections. My power supply is a corsair rm650i and only has the 4+4pin (8pin) connector. I've already bought an rtx 2080 super and im looking to pair it with an i9 9900k and I will most likely push it to 5ghz on all cores. I have read online that the second connection may be required for overclocks on both the cpu and gpu which I am likely to do. Should I look into getting a new power supply that supports the extra 4pin power connector? I've been l
  5. I better not risk it. Thanks everyone for the help! On a sidenote, why can't we buy gtx 10-series cards so easily anymore? Have manufacturers stopped making them?
  6. I have a 1070ti, if I were to get another one it wouldn't work because crossfire is amd, or will SLI work anyway?
  7. < social distancing > My motherboard is the asus tuf gaming-plus z370 and there two expansion slots which both use PCIe 3.0 The slot I use for my GPU is x16 and the slot beneath it is x16 but it says "max x4" (both gen 3.0). Would an SLI setup actually work (dual 1070ti's)? I've seen negligible difference in relative differences with gpu performance when I was googling about but i was hoping if someone had first hand experience with this.
  8. That was with an OC applied, but even with stock I still get abnormally high temperatures compared to other users with the same cooler + cpu The 360mm radiator should be able to dissipate 140w easily
  9. I'm going to be re-pasting the waterblock and see if this results. I suspect it's something to do with how tight the mounting screws are. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know
  10. I make sure to clean out the dust filters every now and again when I notice a bit of build up. I don't think this issue has ever impacted my experience on my pc, but it's definitely abnormal compared to other people's results with the same aio.
  11. My radiator is set up at the front as intake to the rest of the system. The two top fans and rear fans are set up to exhaust
  12. Recently I've been playing around with Intel XTU to try to get more performance out of my CPU (lockdown things) and compared to other overclocking results of 8700k at 5ghz and sites my temperatures don't really line up and it's quite worrying. This screenshot shows that on 1 - 8% utilisation, my CPU bounces around 40-45 degrees C and under a cinebench R20 load with 140W package TDP I can reach 90 degrees easily. After doing some research, I know that this should not be happening because I use the Corsair H150i Pro 360mm radiator and it should be dissipating a lot more heat, and other's
  13. I googled PUK code because thats what it corrected me to and that's to do with a sim card being blocked, not locked.. I'm on about the fact that a provider will lock you to their network until after your contract, I'm not sure how that works and I'm interested.