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    computers, association football, arsenal fc, planes, trains, cars
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    power supplies are very important, trust me. i have felt the effects of using a junk psu
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    student (is this an occupation)


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    Intel Core i7-4790K (4.8ghz)
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro 4x4GB DDR3-1866 (2 red 2 silver)
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    R9 280X CROSSFIRE (ASUS and Powercolor)
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    NZXT Lexa S
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    Crucial M550 512GB SSD and WD Blue Caviar 1TB
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    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W power supply
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    24inch Philips HD
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    Corsair H110i GTX 280mm AIO Liquid Cooler
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    random Logitech with PS2 connector
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    Corsair Glaive
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    Sony Vaio speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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  1. so i had 3 more gtx 1060 6gbs delivered for my mining rig but i'm having trouble installing the drivers into them. 2 of my other gtx 1060 6gb have drivers installed and are working fine. i tried to run nvidia driver installer but it was at checking system compatibility for forever. it is also notable that my main graphics card is amd rx 580 with amd radeon settings installed. on device manager it writes under display adapter: video controller (vga compatible) for the 3 new graphics cards. i tried to right click, update driver, search my computer for list of drivers, clicked the nvidia 388.31 c
  2. i doubt its psu bottleneck because my psu is 1200w and the max tdp for this current setup is only around 800-900w 1 of the riser is from some random guy from a website equivalent to craigslist and 2 risers from a proper shop. the first riser (ver 0.006c) has a blue PCB and connects through sata power to 6pin on the board, the two other ones (ver 0.006) have a black PCB and connects direct through molex cpu is 30% ish, ram 3 out of 4gb used, drives fire and internet connection stable
  3. SOLVED updated Windows 10 so i built a mining rig with a single rx 580 and 5 gtx 1060 6gbs (2 not delivered yet) i installed windows 10 pro 64 bit and updated to the latest creator's update downloaded claymore miner and wallet using jaxx installed amd drivers first then nvidia all gpus detected in device manager and msi afterburner the rx 580 is in the x16 slot and the other 1060s in the pci-e x1 riser without overclocking anything i started up single mine ETC with pool ethmine, got 17.5mh/s for rx 580 and 2.3-2.7mh/s for the 1060s tried to reinst
  4. reload the page, on the top of the post details
  5. solved already as stated, the problem was a faulty cable
  6. what is the best desktop app for mac that can make use of the video card for mining. basically, windows has a built in remote desktop function but when i log in remotely, i can't make use of the video card or access nvidia control panel/amd radeon settings so what is the best application that i can use that lets me monitor my mining remotely. (btw the client is a macbook pro running OS X and the host is running windows 10 pro) i also have amd and nvidia graphics cards in my mining rig. any help will be appreciated. thanks!
  7. To counter the slot problems, u could get a pcie riser and just have the gfx card hanging around. For the pic-e connectors, u can get a sata power to 6/8pin or molex to 6/8pin (recommend dual molex or dual sata power) if u want to, u can upgrade the cpu too. If it's lga 771, u can upgrade to dual e5450s for ~$35 or if your mb allows x5460/x5470 and above if u want more cpu frequency which is impt in gaming.
  8. Use a standard atx power supply, btw make sure the mb has nothing that interferes with your gfx card (eg. a cap) u can try following Linus' old server parts video.
  9. SOLVED broken cable This is only the second time I bought a new product (specifically motherboard) and it is not posting again. **sighs** i did the tom's hardware no post checklist already and it's not booting any help is appreciated. tried resetting cmos, use different dimm slot already specs: pentium g4400 asus b250 mining expert cm silent pro gold 1200w psu HGST 500GB hdd crucial 4gb ddr4 integrated graphics (hdmi) ps/2 mouse and ps/2 keyboard plugged in and a sandisk live usb drive plugged in
  10. idk man i tried at least 3 sticks of ram in ram slots 1 2 and 3 individually already
  11. imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/hw1v5
  12. that original config doesn't work anymore. just tried. also i tried over 8 sticks of ram so that can't be the issue
  13. check your bios whether it detects the ssd
  14. this is driving me nuts so i got this mobo a gigabyte z77x-d3h i could not boot it (cpu fan spins then stops spins then stops non stop) realized it was ram issue after changing psu, cpu, gfx card etc. 30 mins of ram swapping later, system booted up to bios with corsair vengeance pro ddr3-1866 ram in slots 2 and 3 (total 8gb) also found out despite putting ram in slot 4, bios would not detect the slot 4 ram i though huh maybe slot one isn't working i saw some dirt in ram slot 1 and cleaned it i tried ram in slot 1,2,3 (same corsair vg pro 1866) syste