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    Msi z370 carbon pro
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    16 gb 3200 mhz
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    Asus gtx 970
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    Phanteks P600s
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    Samsung 970 pro 1tb
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    Corsair RM850I
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    3x Lg 27gl850
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  1. Sadly tho the only place where my case has a filtered intake is in the front and thats where im putting the radiator
  2. Hello so i will be getting my radiator today (ek ce420). and im thinking of putting push pull on it i have 2 corsair ll140 fans and 2 p14. would it be worth putting push pull on the radiator with different fans and is there any difference wich ones i should push with and pull with?
  3. Well i am still going to be running a oc on my cpu. And im going for low noise levels
  4. Hello im about to do my first custom watercooled im going full ek (https://gyazo.com/b781954f10ecc42cfe87e5378ec05236). Im thinking of building Cpu only loop first then in the future adding a gpu block (After upgrading GPU). But would i have to buy a second radiator when im adding the gpu to the loop and would i also have to upgrade the pump? Im thinking of buying a 3080. for now im going with a 420 rad for cpu.
  5. Still running 5.2 think this did the trick
  6. Ok will uninstall and se if it helps
  7. I have dragon center to controll rgb that about it i think
  8. Yes i meant Cpu-Z the temps are att max 75°C when i stress tested it last time with oc and its about same atm a little lower around 66 max 73.
  9. Hello so i have overclocked my i7 8700k to 5.2 ghz att 1.3v. I have had it for about 5 months stable. But recently when i start my pc it runs on 5.2 for about 5 min then going back to stock clocks. Why is this happening? (The bios still says im running 5.2) (I have a Msi z370 carbon pro motherboard)
  10. In that case it sound like nvidia would be a better choice for me. But would my cpu bottleneck the 3080?
  11. I have been thinking of upgrading my gpu for a while now. I am currently running a gtx 970 and with a i7 8700k (I will not upgrade cpu) I'm thinking of buying the 3080 but with this new amd release Im not so sure I have always had a nvidia card and love the geforce features but does amd have something similar? Also would the 3070/amd version be a better choice with my cpu?
  12. Im not sure i have been using the 598s as my only headphones for so long but i will try my friends DT990s and if i like them i will order my own. I have heard thet they have a V shape sound but i have no idea what that really means or how much it differs from the 598s @rice guru?