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  1. Thanks, I was able to fix it. I figured that out but it was an error caused due to some other reason which prevented me from running from the USB.
  2. Ok, so I changed the boot order but now it says that it doesn't detect OS in any drive
  3. I thought of thinkpads as well. Just don't know which model is the best for me.
  4. From East Asia. I have no preference for battery. I am usually near a power source.
  5. Greetings, My laptop has been having a lot of problems and two days ago it stopped working and just nothing fixed it. I've tried to fix through safe mode, cmd, recovery etc. All have failed to some reason. I have installed an image of fresh windows on a USB stick and wish to wipe it all and install a clean windows. I've successfully entered the bios but am given these options. I don't want to break anything further I don't know what to do now. I would be thankful for any help.
  6. Thanks. I will look it up. Personally I was looking into the Dell G7 but more options are always better.
  7. Greetings, I am looking forward to buying a new laptop because my current one is almost dead. My price range is around $900 I am looking for in a laptop: Great price to performance Adequate cooling (don't care for thin and lights) Build quality and aesthetics don't bother me (laptop should just survive atleast 4 years) Should last long Have good amount of ports
  8. I hadn't considered up-scaling. That would indeed make it better. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. That looks like a great value for that price but I'm not thinking of going 4K yet. I know it makes so much difference but I prefer other stuff first like higher refresh rate. I would like to go atleast 90Hz before I go towards 4K. If you've seen an old post of mine, I have no problem gaming even at 800x600 (if the UI is readable) so 4K is a lower priority.
  10. Budget is not that high ($300-$400). I would settle for the bottom option which doesn't fail too soon. I'm going to think of ordering from the internet so location doesn't matter that much.
  11. Greetings, I recently watched an LTT video on a 4K Monitor with HDR-10 and a 144Hz refresh rate. (Link to LTT's video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCcSK3R8HcM&t=544s) He pointed out quite well how driving 4k at above 144FPS with HDR is hard even with top of the line hardware. I don't have top of the line hardware so I was wondering that a 1080p version of the same kind of monitor would be a better option. Can anyone recommend one? I'm looking for: HDR-10 (optional) Good Coverage of the RGB colour space (colour accurate) H
  12. No, I don't have a console. This is on an old computer. I only use it for browsing, MS Office and home entertainment now. For 60FPS, I think I will require better hardware. This scene is rendering an indoor scene so that's why the frames are higher than usual. In battles they dip to 50-60s by themselves.
  13. Yes, I do cap it. I just uncapped it to demonstrate. I'm fine with 30FPS with this low powered machine. Atleast they are consistent that way.