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  1. Cheers! Thank's for letting me know! I was actually just using it for personal use at first, so never thought of branding it differently! I'll do that now! The latter! I wasn't actually intending to publish it (was only using it for personal use) so was just mucking about I can remove it with an update!
  2. Windows 10 installs drivers automatically when it detects hardware, but definitely not full blown not applications (like Smart Audio CPL/FMAPP) so that's very odd. Where did you get your ISO? These should definitely not be on your system if you have a clean copy of Windows from Microsoft's website.
  3. Hi everyone! I have recently added a small chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store (found here: FPL Dark Mode) to change the look of Floatplane's Live pages. It makes the backgrounds darker and chat larger for easier focus on the video/chat. Currently it only works on linustechtips live page, but I can add more page permissions to the plugin if you wish. I will be adding more functionality and some other styling options in the coming days/weeks, but seen as they are only live once a week I don't really get to test all that much - Any comments/help here would be appreci
  4. Try it out without the riser cable. Could be faulty.
  5. I wouldn't really worry about Prime 95. It's a fairly unrealistic workload. Aida64 would be more a realistic number. Do try 1.2 or lower to 4.2GHz just to see if it comes up again. The fact it happened in a game is fairly weird as the CPU wouldn't really be hammered all that hard.
  6. What PSU do you have? Also what Graphics card are you running? Sounds like a GPU issue. If you have overclocked your graphics card try running stock for a while. It would explain why your PC crashed during a game and not when stress testing the CPU. Also have a 4690K myself and never had red screened. Voltage sounds fine, increasing it to 1.2+ won't hurt it anyway.
  7. LinusVen--oh, I mean well done guys! ... Hope it's as smooth as possible
  8. As others said, just undervolt the CPU. There's not much point going for an AIO or switching to another CPU if you're just going to let Intel determine the voltage (thus the heat it produces). You will most likely get 4.5-4.7GHz and who knows, maybe even at a nice little voltage.
  9. They can't afford anymore YouTube hate at the moment lol. In all seriousness, they have been quite good at picking up last minute inaccuracies before they reach YouTube (For example the Hyperloop video). Most likely due to the one week buffer between FPC and YouTube and some FPC feedback. Nice to see it was caught that quick being a simultaneous release and all! *hats off*
  10. Background noise cancellation / reduction for the mic? Otherwise just get a better mic, or don't have it play back to you? (Edit: sorry you probably mean recording wise?)
  11. What's it look like now? Funny I only OC'd my monitor to 75Hz yesterday. This has made me reconsider that decision lol.