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  1. Just now, Kilrah said:

    The ground is the sheath of the coax cable. You have to remove the shrink tubing at the end to expose some and do like on the modem side, soldering the ground to the appropriate location on the antenna.

    Blue = signal, pink = gnd.



    thanks but i need to know will work ? i mean the signal range/quality will improve? i remember the stock antenna with modem was small. i think its 5dbi omni or less 

  2. Just now, Kilrah said:

    Can't really see what you did, but it appears you didn't connect the ground to the antenna.

    i just soldered the wire from modem to the steel board in antenna. dont know how to connect ground !! there is only one wire in modem i dont think there is a ground wire in it.


    [EDIT] i found the ground wire in modem. due to old and rust the wire actually gone ! so i am about to replace that in few hours.

  3. 11 hours ago, agent_x007 said:

    Error on readout.
    Don't worry about it, until you get crashes, artifacts, etc.

    today i did some gaming and found the clock are higher by 400mhz in core ( i think its boosting to 1700 which is not suppose to)

    manufacture website says https://www.zotac.com/us/product/graphics_card/zotac-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-mini#spec Base: 1303 MHz
    Boost:1417 MHz  i think drivers is doing this. could some one help me to reduce this temp. its on full throttle even during idle. 

  4. image.png.8ec3e2e966a2928532e7f9ae617f6e77.png


    memory first time saw 4504mhz after latest nvidia driver update and temps were huge, usually its within 55C when playing dota2 but today its was 63C+

    is it safe ? for a 1050ti ? i didnt overclock anything. when i first opened this memory clock was +1000



  5. On 3/31/2019 at 9:47 PM, Hiya! said:

    no need to set anything..and frankly your Q1 is overkill.for your iem.


    get a better iem or a headphone.


    i just bought audio technica m20x . i hope i bought a good one. i was on a budget. any suggestions on settings ?

  6. 13 hours ago, VegetableStu said:

    okay i did some digging...



    which should kinda be fine, untill i got to this image of some modders doing DIY cables:





    there's a specific resistor (365k?) in the sense pin of the DAC-side for it to work, so simple connections is only half the process done

    not sure if there's anything specific for the MP3 side? o_o


    EDIT: okay i might have gotten this wrong, the resistor is for the MP3 side


    if you need more help regarding this, probably check out the audio subforum here, or make a text post on reddit.com/r/diysound ?

    thanks !!

  7. 2 minutes ago, VegetableStu said:


    double check your connections? gotta match ._.


    i bought 2 micro to usb cable (android charging cables) , i cut them found 4 wires .

    i soldered both micro side cable wires and tried using them but not working.

    i thinking i miss some important thing

  8. system specs :

    Ryzen 5 1600

    8gb*2 ram

    asus b350 plus board

    sound FiiO Q1 Mark II Portable Amplifier & DAC

    headphones - UiiSii T6



    settings are default with fiio drivers and using usb port not 3.5.

    just need to know should i need to apply any settings ?

    what hz and bit rate and audio like sonic enable or not if yes the 7.1 setting on or off ?

    should i need to install any other s/w for better sound.

    i have some blu rays and flacs they feel little bit bruhhh

    i use mpc-be for movies

    and winamp for mp3, flac

    both with default setting/values.

  9. PC spec : ryzen 1600 & 1050ti


    i currently using evr preset for rendering, while googling i found madVr good compared to other renders. 

    but i cant find a good latest tut to configure it. some option/features are missing in tut/madvr option.

    can some one help me with setting and also may i know is there is any software i can use to test my PC playback capability like Can it play 4k 60fps or 8k..

    also kindly suggest is madVr good or should i just stick with evr

  10. 1 minute ago, Qi_Forever said:

    Linus lives life on the edge of madness.


    Everything he used to set that up was cutting edge technology.  Sure he had the server case custom build and had to hunt down a ridiculous server to handle all those drives.


    Are you planning on setting-up your own server? 


    Are you planning on setting-up your own server?  YES.

    but with a 10 x 10TB drives, a small 10gbe nic server.

  11. total newbie in networking,

    I was just thinking when linus built petabyte server he just inserted hard drive into slot, that slot had a connector (sata&power)

    but how does all those 45 drives cable connected to motherboard is there any specific card to connect all drives and that card connect to motherboard and a 10gbe nic used to speed.

    thanks . <3 love <3 .



  12. i have a adata 240gb ssd. currently i am using a hard disk to dual boot windows 7 and linux mint 17.3

    since i got a ssd i thought of moving only the operating system and use the hard disk to store game and other stuff.

    but how can i install windows and linux in ssd to dual boot ?

    i tried searching in google but didnt get results to what i expect, it shows results like hrd(os 1) + ssd(os 2). 

    i need only ssd to dual boot and i hav plenty of time to fresh install both OS..



    i3 2310m

    8gb ddr3 ram

    500gb hard disk + 240gb ssd

    lots of pendrive !!