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  1. i have a old Zebronics 600 va UPS-U725 with no battery. Since it was lying around i was thinking can i install a 35 ah battery just to run a 60w table fan for 2hrs or more ? will it work and be safer?
  2. thanks but i need to know will work ? i mean the signal range/quality will improve? i remember the stock antenna with modem was small. i think its 5dbi omni or less
  3. i just soldered the wire from modem to the steel board in antenna. dont know how to connect ground !! there is only one wire in modem i dont think there is a ground wire in it. [EDIT] i found the ground wire in modem. due to old and rust the wire actually gone ! so i am about to replace that in few hours.
  4. i have a old modem binatone dt 850w and found a outdoor unit antenna rusting from a old shop. i have marked the modem antenna wire , i tried to soldered the wire to the outdoor unit . but still i felt i am doing some thing wrong. can some one help >?
  5. i bought ryzen 1600 2 years ago its been overclocked(3.7ghz) for a while on stock cooler while i did a handbrake h265 encode cpu max speed was 4ghz. does hwmonitor reporting wrong or i just got a golden chip ?
  6. today i did some gaming and found the clock are higher by 400mhz in core ( i think its boosting to 1700 which is not suppose to) manufacture website says https://www.zotac.com/us/product/graphics_card/zotac-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-mini#spec Base: 1303 MHzBoost:1417 MHz i think drivers is doing this. could some one help me to reduce this temp. its on full throttle even during idle.
  7. i am using a only one lg 22mpvq monitor freesync off. since its a 1050ti.
  8. memory first time saw 4504mhz after latest nvidia driver update and temps were huge, usually its within 55C when playing dota2 but today its was 63C+ is it safe ? for a 1050ti ? i didnt overclock anything. when i first opened this memory clock was +1000
  9. i just bought audio technica m20x . i hope i bought a good one. i was on a budget. any suggestions on settings ?
  10. yes. red black green and white. i trying to make a diy micro to micro wire for my fiio usb/amp to phone
  11. i bought 2 micro to usb cable (android charging cables) , i cut them found 4 wires . i soldered both micro side cable wires and tried using them but not working. i thinking i miss some important thing
  12. as the title says how to DIY https://www.fiio.co.in/collections/accessories/products/ml06-micro-to-micro-usb-data-cable?variant=12395665326185 i bought 2 normal usb to micro, cut it but not working
  13. system specs : Ryzen 5 1600 8gb*2 ram asus b350 plus board sound FiiO Q1 Mark II Portable Amplifier & DAC headphones - UiiSii T6 settings are default with fiio drivers and using usb port not 3.5. just need to know should i need to apply any settings ? what hz and bit rate and audio like sonic enable or not if yes the 7.1 setting on or off ? should i need to install any other s/w for better sound. i have some blu rays and flacs they feel little bit bruhhh i use mpc-be for movies and winamp for mp3, flac both with
  14. PC spec : ryzen 1600 & 1050ti i currently using evr preset for rendering, while googling i found madVr good compared to other renders. but i cant find a good latest tut to configure it. some option/features are missing in tut/madvr option. can some one help me with setting and also may i know is there is any software i can use to test my PC playback capability like Can it play 4k 60fps or 8k.. also kindly suggest is madVr good or should i just stick with evr