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  1. Hi guys I have 2 x 4GB 1866mhz Kingston Savage DDR3 Ram modules. They work fine for my day to day tasks and gaming for the most part. Just out of curiosity what way do you think would benefit me when I go to upgrade to 16GB. Should I get another 2 x 4GB 1866mhz DDR3 or get 2 x 8GB 3200mhz ram and sell my old modules? Any advice and experience appreciated. Orion Rig Specs. i5 4690k oc'ed 4.2ghz Cooler master hyper 212 evo MSI Gaming 5 mobo Asus Strix GTX 1060 6GB 0C HyperX Savage 240GB
  2. I see. I'm thinking next upgrade I might aswell go for a 240 aio for long term investment and also looks better imo in a system, you can seem more of it too. Noctua is a bad ass cooler though no doubt.
  3. Lol cool thanks for that Banana fam. Is your oc on an aio though?
  4. That's interesting, thank you. Temps on this 212 are surprising, across open hardware monitor and aida64 extreme overclocked, voltage up to 1.3v and on stress tests ( aida stability and intel burn test ) 60-80 degrees no more. I have a good fan curve set up. I am looking to get a 240 aio at some point that should help me get more out of it.
  5. That is Hilarious Banana split. What I mean is that when watching videos of people overclocking on different bios's is that they are named differently which confuses the process if knowing what is what. Hey you can only do what you can do, If you could help out then I would appreciate it but i can understand your concern having never touched or even so much as took a cheeky peak at he the MSI Gaming 5
  6. I have trawled the net for a proper in depth guide on overclocking on the MSI Gaming 5 motherboard to loose ends and no solid guides. I am looking for someone who is an experienced overclocker who knows the MSI Gaming 5 bios inside out that can offer me and the overclocking world an in depth guide on what is what in the bios and steps on what way to go about using it to overclock an intel chip. In this case I am looking for someone with the same rig. MSI Gaming 5 motherboard, Intel i5 4690k, cooler master hyper 212 evo. I have clean energy too from a Be Quiet! Dark powe
  7. Task manager reports that microsoft skype is using a fair wedge of my memory on boot yet when I go to look for it and uninstall it it cannot be found? what gives?
  8. Thank you for that. I will do this is it continues.
  9. Indeed sir. On boot and just using the computer normally rather that the many pages open I have open the ram is not abused, again only when live streaming the news.
  10. Yeah my thoughts exactly. So more ram wouldnt solve this by the sounds of it.
  11. It seems to be microsoft edge and my anti virus but also local security authority process seems to be the cuprite, its sites at 7- 8 GB of use most of the time. I read into it and apparently it assigns space to programmes when in use but sometimes doesnt refresh the ram when you close the programme or page. It has been behaving itself but I do notice it ramp up when live streaming.
  12. Hi guys My 8GB of ram keeps being eaten up leaving only 1-2 GB free when I have a few internet pages open like google, facebook, youtube and streaming the news channel ( I'm not playing you tube whilst streaming the news ). I found some say it the qos or quality of service application in windows 10 whilst other like linus say its just the ram not refreshing properly in a sense. With this page open as it stands hardware monitor still says 6GB are in use! I know my anti virus uses some memory in the back ground on and off. I was considering buying another 8GB
  13. Hi guys I have a shared Seagate external hard drive that will sometimes be out of my possession but I only want to give access to its files to family members only. I've had a look around on the drive options and software and can find no password set up option. Only windows general access tick boxes. I have seen some say encrypt the drive with bit locker but I don't not have it. Any advice and suggestions appreciated. Orion.