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  1. Oh I see.. If that's the case than maybe it's a bad idea to get the XL, my primary objective was to get better air flow because I've heard the fractal 7 intake fans are kinda blocked by the design and isn't optimal. My fan config would be putting 3x140 noctuas on the front, 1x140 at the rear and 2x140 at the top to get even airflow. Forgot to mention the mobo, Im getting the x570 unify, So for the start, I'm getting two pcie 3 nvme and two 4 tb hard drives. Later down the road I will get gen 4 pcie when it's fully utilized. I'm not gonn
  2. Just some thought going up my head.. Not gonna overclock at all and not using any kind of water cooling. Just tons and tons of noctua 140mm fans Is there any reason to get the XL over the regular 7 just for the additional head room? Will the large open space yield better temps overall? Worse temps? My Future build: (Bold, Already bought) Ryzen 9 5900X 3070 RTX NH-D15 1TB 97
  3. So if I take out the fancy stuff out, the oc related stuff and the looks, its basically the same board? Oh, and by memory oc, Do you mean the unify will be more stable at 3600 or at higher clocks? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone! Sorry if this was asked before but I'm loosing it ! I just can't decide between the x570 unify and the x570 Tomahwak wifi. By looking at the teir list, The tomahawk is colored blue, So it's the best in the S tier. (AWESOME) But I just want to know and make sure I'm going with the right mobo. So why is the tomahwak the considered the best? Or is just the best "value"? Few key points: * My Future build: Ryzen 9 5900x, 3070 RTX, NH-D15, 1TB 970 evo plus, Crucial 64GB (16x4) 3600 CL16, Fractal 7, Seasonic FOCUS PX-850. (RED, Already
  5. Hehe Sadly for me.. im also fixed on getting the fractal R7 so the PSU is going to the bottom What about the coolers though, Any idea?
  6. Hey everyone. Sorry if this was asked before but I tried searching for answer online and over youtube but couldn't find a decisive answer. I'm buying new computer and I will be getting the new ryzen 5900x , currently looking for the best cooler for it. Air or liquid it doesn't really matter, even the price is not an issue (though if I could save few bucks than why not). General idea of use: - Stock speeds are 3.7 to 4.8 GHz - Not gonna overclock at all. - Noise is a factor for me. Would like the cooler to be as quite as possible while maintaining good
  7. Oh cool! I might even get 12GB ram hehe I really hope it works though, But I guess event if it won't I will just sell the 8GB of the asus and get a new supported 8GB for the HP. Thnaks for the help!
  8. Hi, everyone I need help figuring something out. I have an HP Notebook 15-bs190od laptop with 4GB RAM and I want to upgrade to 1 stick of 8GB. Specs: CPU: i5-8250U, Motherboard: 832A, RAM: 4GB M471A5244BB0 In addition I just bought this laptop for my wife: ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506IH-AS53 This laptop comes with unknown (as far as I know) 8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM installed. So, I intent to upgrade its RAM to 16GB and instead of just getting another 8 gig stick (and have 2 different ram sticks installed) I Thought, maybe I could upgrade both laptops together! I fo
  9. Those M-DISCs are really expensive! There is no way I can make my private archive out of them Damn..I guess I got to a dead end. my best choise is just to connect all my drives to my pc and when one is starting to fail just replace it with a new one every few years.. Thats a bummer. But thanks to all of you !
  10. Wow, Thanks for all that info! So my best option for protecting all my date is to just connect them to my pc and use them.. Guess I will need new case than hehe. Any other options for storing a lot of accessible data What is considered the best method for keep large amount of data safe? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the comment! What do you mean by 'blu-ray'? Is it blu-ray disks? Their max size isn't 50 gigs or so? I would need a lot of disk to backup all my data.
  12. Hello everyone, Something I thought about while thinking what to do with almost 8tb of important date.. So here's a question: Lets say I bought a new external hard drive (2.5 inch) and an internal hard drive (3.5 inch), both are 2 tb drives. I connect them to my computer (with cable and a dock), I move my 1 tb of backup files to each of the drives, disconnect them safely, store them in appropriate cases and off they go into my safe and in the closet (safe from extreme temperature). Once in 6 months/a year, I connect both drives to my computer for
  13. Okey! Thanks everyone! i will get those dust filters
  14. Hi all. I feel kinda stupid asking this, but why not? didn't find any info online (probably because it's stupid :P). So.. i have an i5 4590 and gtx 1080, an ssd, hard drive and such.. and a total of 4 fans. Two that came with my case at the top for exhaust, that are a bit noisy and needs to be replaced. And two noctua nf-f12 PWM at the front for intake. They are awesome even after 3 years. Also temps are great even while 4k gaming (although I don't play AAA games). So to the point, my case attracts a lot of dust inside, and to minimize that *I* thoug