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  1. Thank you for the response, he sent me some benchmarks done with the card but I think im gonna pass. Would be really shitty if I got it and it broke 2 weeks after.
  2. Hello, looking at a used 1080ti with a few broken capacitors. The owner says it works fine without them. Can it work without them? He also offerd to run a benchmark to prove that it works, is heaven suitable or do you have another recommendation? Thanks, Tim
  3. Ok thanks for your help, but why would the psu come with both 2x4 and 1x8 pin if you only need one?
  4. Thanks, I was not aware of the optional 6-pin! The psu is an "antec tpn 650xr" and the pc is currently using the solid 8-pin for the cpu with no issues. I find is stange to have the connectors fit in both a PCIe cards and the CPU, would it not lead to many people damaging their components?
  5. Thanks for the responses! Sorry my bad, I mixed up the connectors. The psu has 2x6 pin, 1x8 pin (how do you tell if it is a EPS or a PCIe connector? No markings) and 2x4 pin. The cpu has a 8-pin, the motherboard has a 6 pin and the proposed gpu has 2x8 pin. Is it possible to use the 2x4-pin for the cpu, the 8 pin combined with the 2x6-pins for the gpu and a molex to 6 pin for the MB? It might not be optimal and look like shit but would it work? Or is it just to buy a new psu? Cant tell if the 8-pin is EPS or if it is PCIe so don´t really know,
  6. Hello, I was looking at buying an R9 fury to have while i wait for my new gpu. My plan was to later give it to my sister as an upgrade to her current pc. I have two questions regarding this. Her current set up a i5 2500 and a gtx 660, the psu is a antec 650W unit. Will the psu handle the upgrade or will it crash and burn? Some quick calculations puts the total at some where around 400 W (65+275+some other stuff) My second question is. The psu has a total of 4x4-pin connectors (2x8-pin). The card needs all of them, but the motherboard (a msi z77 bigbang) also need a 4 pin +
  7. Thanks for the help. Great to hear someone else's experience. I went in to the pbo2 settings and lowered the voltage curve and I managed to get the temps down by 10 C with better performance too.
  8. Thanks you for the response! Would you say that the low load temps of 65 C are normal/acceptable? I know the cpus limit is 90 C for what it can handle but can it take damage with running it at my 65 C low load temps for longer periods?
  9. Hello everyone, I just finished my ryzen 5900x itx build in the phanteks evolve shift. I use the pure loop 120mm aio from be quiet! and i have no overclock or voltage changes on the cpu. My idle temps are 44 C on idle according to ryzen master (not to bad for a 120 aio and 140 W cpu). However as soon as a have steam and discord up in the background (as I will have most of the time using the computer) the temps go up to 65 C and using the computer with this in the background and running chrome, browsing or watching youtube it goes up around 70 C (the cpu usage is only around 5-
  10. Thanks a lot fot the suggestions. I didnt know that the edge wifi had bad vrms. The psu was only a 100 SEK more (10ish USD) so there I thought I might as well go with the 100 watts extra. I will have to check on the ssd, thanks for the heads-up.
  11. Country: Sweden Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming, streaming, blender Link to the system: https://www.inet.se/kundvagn/visa/14635943 Any suggestions of things to change on the system? I plan to put it in the Phanteks evolv shift 2 air. Thanks//
  12. Thanks again for all the help. Will have to keep that in mind if I get the case.
  13. Yes It can take one 120mm AIO in the back, not sure tho if it´s enough to cool the 5900x without sounding like a jet engine. A question that arose, have you had any trouble fitting the wifi antennas off the motherboard, thinking if the "lid" was in the way or if there is space?
  14. Yeah I also read that, I think the case is really great looking and the new one with the mesh panels seem to have very good air flow. Now I´m more concerned with how to cool the cpu (if i end up getting the system).