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  1. Thanks a lot fot the suggestions. I didnt know that the edge wifi had bad vrms. The psu was only a 100 SEK more (10ish USD) so there I thought I might as well go with the 100 watts extra. I will have to check on the ssd, thanks for the heads-up.
  2. Country: Sweden Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming, streaming, blender Link to the system: https://www.inet.se/kundvagn/visa/14635943 Any suggestions of things to change on the system? I plan to put it in the Phanteks evolv shift 2 air. Thanks//
  3. Thanks again for all the help. Will have to keep that in mind if I get the case.
  4. Yes It can take one 120mm AIO in the back, not sure tho if it´s enough to cool the 5900x without sounding like a jet engine. A question that arose, have you had any trouble fitting the wifi antennas off the motherboard, thinking if the "lid" was in the way or if there is space?
  5. Yeah I also read that, I think the case is really great looking and the new one with the mesh panels seem to have very good air flow. Now I´m more concerned with how to cool the cpu (if i end up getting the system).
  6. Thanks alot for all the pictures and the temps, I really appreciate it!
  7. Thanks alot! How are the thermals under load? Also, how many fans do you have and how are they placed?
  8. Yeah the look is something else, not just another box. The challenge of building in it was something I expected and I´m ready to deal with, my biggest concern is however thermals. What system are you running and what temps do you get? Also, do you have the glas or mesh panels?
  9. Been looking at the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Air for my next build and was wondering if anyone here have had any experience with the case. My plan is to put a pretty high-end system in it with the 5900x and a 6800xt. But with a limit on the cpu gooler. hight being 85mm and the limit on radiator size being one 120mm my plan was to have a beefy 120 with push/pull config. Does anyone know the limit on rad+fans for this case? I have only found that the rad cant be thicker than 45mm but I assume that is without a fan?? Any positive or negative experiences with the case would be great to h
  10. My plan to avoid the porblem with the pump at the top is to just use an aio with the pump somewhere else other than the cpu block, like the be quiet ones. As for air flow there is the meshside panel variant. Will have to check about the gpu, thanks for the heads-up Yeah that is slightly incovenient but its not really an issue as how offen to one plug and unplug stuff. Most of the time (at least for me) all my stuff is plugged in.
  11. At what noise levels? Would imagine the fan needing to push pretty hard.
  12. I looked at that one and I dont like the look of it. Its just a small metal box and compared to the shift its really quite boring.
  13. Planning on building a small form factor rig with either the phanteks shift 2 air or the shift x. I really like the look of the shift 2 a lot more than the x but with the limit on the shift 2 being a 120mm AIO and me planning to put a 5900x in it i don´t think it will be such a good combo. That leads me to my question, how much tdp can acually a 120mm AIO handle? Also, am I wrong with it not handling the 5900x? Thanks//
  14. Okay, do you really think the gpu will be able to handle the game at my resolution and the stream? Seems as it would be a lot for it to do but I dont really have a refrence point so just wondering.
  15. Thank you for the suggested systems, I know it will go over budget for the system but would you recommend to upgrade the cpu of systems 1 to a 5800x or a 5900x for a longer lifespan of the system. I would still like to be able to stream while playing games in the future. And also would you suggest any gpu for the second system as I plan to sell my current system with the gpu. Thanks again for the suggestions