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  1. Well, I'm about 4 generations behind, so I'm thinking Asus X99 Prime II ---> Asus X570-E (so I can maintain flashback) I7 6800k ---> Ryzen 3 3900x GTX 1080 ---> RTX2080Ti And I might also redo my custom loop and change to acryllic from soft tubing
  2. Try updating your BIOS, if that doesn't work, find a working system to test the GPU in. If the GPU works in the other system, then you might have.a problem with the motherboard.
  3. Looks like a bum SLI cable to me, try and RMA it I guess.
  4. Also, due to the fact it's a REALLY old engine, chances are it doesn't have multi-core rendering or any of the new fancy CPU instruction tweaks so it's probably also limited by that.
  5. Oh yeah, noctua is one of the leading developers of heatsinks. They also specify their TDP dissipation on their coolers so that should help you find one that'll work for you
  6. Also make sure to disable the xbox app in windows under game settings
  7. That might be a problem as already the drive isn't getting mounted correctly, it actually sounds like his HDD controller has given up the ghost from the sounds of it.
  8. Well, first off, the first video you posted shows you tried booting without RAM in. The PC will never POST without ram. Second, make sure that you use the correct RAM slot on your mobo if you're going to use only 1 ram stick.
  9. Well, next option I would try is turning auto-negotiate off on both the switch port and your PC, then setting both to 100 or 1G full duplex and trying that.
  10. @TreyYaBoy I would go look at Noctua's heatsink lineup then, they have some really great low-profile air coolers, they're just a little pricier than regular tower-style heatsinks.
  11. Ah, did some scrounging on the asrock forums and apparently someone had the same issue until they updated their BIOS, so try that too.
  12. Then I guarantee you have a group of SATA ports that are disabled. Have you tried plugging the drives into another computer?
  13. When you say it's an NVME M.2, is it one that plugs into your PCIe slot, or the M.2 slot?
  14. Yes, check your MOBO manual because most will disable some SATA ports to give enough badwidth to M.2 drives. All you have to do is plug into the SATA ports that aren't disabled.
  15. The fan on the PSU probably won't spin until a heavy load is put on it as it has the "zero sound mode". You might want to double check you have something plugged i to the CPU fan header as I've known MOBOs that have refused to post without one. Re-seat all of your PSU cables too, just in case
  16. Windows is sometimes veeeeery weird about doing display handoffs, and sometimes leftover driver files try initializing during dusplay handoffs. Have you tried using DDU to uninstall your drivers then re-install them?
  17. The menus that this happens in, are they fullscreen menus, or ones like minecraft where they're in windows?
  18. Just out of morbid curiosity, what are you running for storage?
  19. @Needgpuhelp26 Also, check and make sure you're even getting power out of your PSU on the PCIe power cable, that rail may have died but since you never used it, you never knew.
  20. Ha, had the same thing happen with my G502 right before it died, glad I could help!
  21. Some do, some don't. Easiest way to tell is to unplug the laptop and remove the main battery, wait a minute for everything to discharge, then put the main battery back in and jump straight into the bios and see if the system time reset back to default.
  22. Yeah, that looks within reason since the chromebook is probably wireless. Try logging into your wifi router and actually force disconnecting everything except for your chromebook and computer and see if that does it. Also sometimes a client list refresh can solve LAN streaming issues.
  23. Could be time for a fresh windows install. Also, you said that it only happens when you move your mouse, but it actually looks like it's dropping when it's drawing a lot of new geometry, but just in case, have you tried with a different mouse?