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  1. i most likely won't need to upgrade my PC in forever.
  2. no point in my getting ddr5. thats goingf to be way too expensive. the whole point of this PC is to have a very good computer that will last me several years. this PC is going to do that. i dont need ddr5 i dont care about it
  3. well i want my PC to look good and I am going to see it because it's going to be on top. well the fans are also good and spin fast and rgb is nice. i would get teh corsair ones but the black ones are only 1500rpm and the white ones are 2200rpm. i dont want white fans. like i said i want the aio because it looks much better than a giant air cooler board is ight. i bought my current PC for performance > looks and now im going for both performance and looks. whats the problem with that? it's my money that i worked for that i saved. its what makes me happy and thats all that matte
  4. hmm maybe im using the futureproof word wrong. what i mean by future proof is that i dont need ot upgrade my PC at all for several years and id be able to run games at max quality and get insane amount of frames on every game. i have a 1070 right now and im struggling a bit. i can for sure play any game with my 1070 but i cant even maintain 144 frames on a bunch of games even at the lowest quality possible
  5. i want the AIO because i can use custom image on tehre. i want my PC to look good as well. the ram i chose because i wanted at least 3600mhz cl16 32gb total and RGB case fans i like the RGB on them and they spin pretty quick. SSD: probably over kill as ik games dont use those speeds just yet but it would be great for my OS and for the future im planning to overclock gpu / cpu im not 100% sure on ram as i have no idea how to do it
  6. ive had the 1070 since 2016 and wanted to go all out on a PC by getting the best possible specs. i already have the 5950x and 3080ti. im sure ill be able to keep my system longer than 5 years. i play competitively and want the least amount of input lag by having more frames and some games i want o be able to run ultra settings without my frames dipping / struggling. even if im not future proofing im assuming this PC will remain extremely good for several more years than my current build.
  7. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Nftz4d I am basically future proofing and going above and beyond. I just want to know if these parts will all fit and work. for the CPU cooler i plan to remove those fans and use those 3 rgb fans but im not sure if they fit or not? should i use my AIO for exhaust or intake? any advice?
  8. so my current M2 SSD has windows 10, can i just take this out, put it in a brand new PC that hasnt been used and make it boot into that m2 SSD and use my old windows 10 on my new PC? does it work like that? am i forced to start "fresh" if i get a new windows?
  9. i have the r7450 is it worth getting the netduma r2 when it comes to gaming? i really like the options that DUMA OS has
  10. Regarding the PCI 3.0 and 4.0 Slot, the performance impact is typically less than a few percents going from a x16 PCIe 4.0 to x16 PCIe 3.0. CPU selection often has a larger impact on performance. We look forward to new platform that can fully take advantage of Gen4 capabilities for potential increases. Regarding specific model, we recommend using fast CPU and Intel i9-10900K is one of the examples of high-end CPU, you can go with fast or high-end CPU for better performance. The system would perform better with a CPU and GPU that are closely matched in performance capability. To ensu
  11. yeah i just learned that, that guy was clueless... i still want to get a i9 though i dont want to get a ryzen. would motherboard would u recommend?
  12. i contacted nvidia they said they recommend a i9 10900k but where do i find a LGA 1200 motherboard with PCI-E gen 4?
  13. theres a guy who used a intel with the 3000 series and it worked