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  1. Selling my EVGA GTX 980ti hybrid cooled gpu. Im being offered $200. I've been out of the loop for a while so im not sure where this gpu stands in the market. Thank you for thise of you who respond
  2. If you are determined on an s7 Edge then i would go for the US version
  3. If you go on sites like Ebay there are some pretty trustworthy, and cheaper options for something like an s7 edge. I personally wouldn't waste my money on a "$500" smartphone. The Note 4 has a better display, larger battery, and less prone to cracking because the s7 edge is built almost entirely out of glass. just my opinion. I bought the note 4 on Ebay from a trusted vendor for a fraction of the price of an s7 edge
  4. The international version is just where it was mad. Most likely Japan. Try to get a US version as the international version takes more connections to connect to us servers as it is manufactured for countries other than the US, therefore blunting the battery life. Otherwise yes it can be used on any carrier.
  5. Street vol.2 for gamecube. or tony hawk american wasteland
  6. Here's a useful little tool http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri
  7. Tried finding people on matchmaking but people dont respond to you. so im doing this server thing
  8. Join my server to gain my entire inventory, the inventory goes to the best person in my opinion. Server name: RLG password: goodpeople