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    MADMINK reacted to Psittac in Better Audio Wanted   
    There is no reason to get a dac given your situation as @The Flying Sloth said.  The noise is within your receiver or perhaps your connection method.  This is beyond my knowing but I do know that grounds and power sources sharing them can cause a noise floor. It is commonly held knowledge within the circles that I seek information from, that home theater receivers have a noise floor.  It's because they are taking signals and amping them up for speakers not headphones, the headphone jack simply reduces the power output for your headphones.  There is nothing wrong with that if you can deal with the noise floor.  Myself I find that noise floor is a rabbit hole, to the point that tests can show that my room situation is to blame.  Again it's a rabbit hole.  If you can accept the problem with turning up the volume then there is no problem.  I would say at the very least getting a 3.5mm to RCA adapter from your PC to your receiver is where you should start.  It's cheap and to be honest is part of the journey.  HiFi is ALL ABOUT the journey.  You can end up with the price of your house into your system and it just sounds ordinary to yourself until you try to listen to something subpar.  My point being that you should appreciate what you have until you have the means to improve it.  Do that several times and you might find your golden spot far before one would spend thousands.  But you still had an adventure.
    What I'm trying to say is experiment with your setup and see what works and what doesn't, if it's a cheap solution the more power to you.  I am listening to a $30 pair of headphones right now trying to discern it's strong and weak points.
    I would suggest this before trying ANYTHING else
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    MADMINK reacted to rice guru in Better Audio Wanted   
    The beasiest and biggest upgrade you can make is upgrading the headphones themselves. In Thai case it just sounds like your motherboard audio is a bit weak. You can add a $100 amp to that or get a usb amp/dac to power the headphones cheapest I would go if your mobo has a usb out is the $10 isbc apple audio dongle up to something like a fiio k3
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    MADMINK reacted to Psittac in Better Audio Wanted   
    A dac/amp is a great starting point or could even be end game depending on your needs.  On board audio has a few flaws, mainly underpowered, noisy and cross talk with your mic due to a shared ground.  Moving outside of the PC and adding power can be a big improvement if you use toslink or optical as it's also called.  At $100 you're a bit limited, typically a dac and amp together run's about $200 ($100 each) but there are some options close to your budget.  The topping MX3 is one solution and it kind of does everything.  I got this for my friend who is blind and it served him well until the usb input died after a few years.  Still it's enough to power your 50 ohm can's and will give you the oomf you're looking for.  Typically 32ohm is all you can expect onboard to push.  I remember hearing about another contender for the $100 range dac/amp but I'll have to look into what it was.
    This site, apos audio is rather respectable.  They drop ship from china but are based in the united states incase you need to return or rma.  They price match and are rather easy going from what I hear.  I like the idea of giving my business to not only a non-amazon company but also one that specializes in audio.
    TOPPING MX3 Built-in Bluetooth Receiver DAC Headphone Amp Digital Ampl – Apos Audio
    here is another option, haven't heard much about it or have any first hand experience but SMSL is a solid company and fit's your price range
    SMSL Q5 Pro DAC/Amp – Apos Audio
    Also the guys over at the zreviews patreon recommend the zen dac
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    He straps multiple drivers to his chest so he can FEEL THE    I M P A C T