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  1. Hello I wanna buy a ryzen processor on Black Friday don’t wanna spend more than 200ish euros , and I was wondering how much of a price drop I can expect on Black Friday. In the EU the 3600 costs about 180€ and then 3700x around 270€ , would the 3700x drop to 200€ , given that the new 5000 series will likely be in stock?
  2. My budget is around 300€ (or less if possible) Games I want to be playing : Warzone , Mafia, Red dead redemption , cyberpunk and anything else I will throw at it ,mostly gaming tho. Most eu shops will do for me I already have a 1650s and I’m gaming at 1080p on a 60hz display, I want to purchase the hardware on Black Friday ideally I know the new ryzen 5000 series is going to be released soon but I think the prices will be too high and the availability might not be there I am not sure which B450 board to buy , I think a b550 doesn’t have more to offer , and i don’t rea
  3. Hello I am wondering if there’s a way to oc locked (non k 4th gen intel cpus) with a “z” motherboard and if yes how. I own an i5 4690 and could really use an oc. Thanks in advance
  4. Nice man. I just found out that the 5500 xt 8 gb might be a better option .In my country the pricing is the same . Everyone is talking about amd’s performance being better optimized in the future due to console gaming. In some cases the 5500 xt is even faster than the 1660 and they are saying that it will be almost as fast as the 1660 ti. Any thoughts on the 5500 xt?
  5. I’ve recently noticed that the 5500xt 8gb version outperforms the 1650s (in my country the prices for these two are the same). Everyone is talking about amd having better optimization for games in the future (due to console gaming) and in some cases the 5500xt is even faster than the 1660. Should I get the 5500 xt or stick with the 1650s?
  6. And if you had to choose between evga or gigabyte (both dual fan 1650s cards) which would you choose?
  7. What troubles me the most is vram tbh
  8. The thing is , the prices are different in EU and the gaming x one costs more than I would like to pay . I mentioned the rx 580 because it doesn’t perform worse than the 1650s and the extra 4gb of vram might come in handy in the future. With that in mind should I still go for the 1650s ?
  9. Hello , I want to upgrade from a 950 sc into a 1650 super (the msi ventus xc oc) but I’m wondering if it’s going to be noisy and hot , because of its small form factor. I’m also considering buying an rx 580 because of the extra vram (the price is the same as the 1650s) . What should I do? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello , I’m interested in upgrading my GTX 950 SC into a GTX 1660 SUPER , however I’m worried that my i5 4690 is going to cause “bottleneck” (the ram is DDR3 although I don’t know it that matters much) . Should I upgrade? Should I instead go for a used 1070 or 590 ? I’m looking for a minimum of 60fps at 1080p with high settings, if possible. Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys could help me decide which network card I should buy. I'm building a hackintos system and I can't choose between the tp link t8E and the t9E. On paper i can't notice any significant differences between the two but in my country the difference in price is around 25$. Is the signal range any better on the t9E or should i save me 25$ ? Thanks in advance.
  12. I see yeah I don't intend to transfer large files all the time. Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks a lot for your help , I agree with you.